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The International 4
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With only two weeks left to play in the LCS, there's quite a bit on the line. Some teams are struggling to earn a playoff spot, while others are simply trying to get the highest seed possible.


It seems like just yesterday IEM Shenzhen and Dreamhack Valencia took place, and to follow them up are two important qualifiers for the high stakes tournament set for S


Just over a week ago, a dapper dude with a mustache that would make Snidely Whiplash weep with jealousy made a splash at Red Bull Battlegrounds: Atlanta.


Cloud 9's Kurtis "Aui_2000" Ling was kind enough to give us an interview at TI4 regarding his team's success, their playstyle, and where he thinks the metagame will go from here.


It's no secret that this split has been tumultuous for Team SoloMid.


There is no exact science for winning your fantasy league, but having a deeper understanding of the statistics and trends will give you a leg up on your opponent.


From the depths of the group stage they came back, straight into the winners' bracket and on to the grand finals... and now Newbee are your world champions.


We got to talk to a few fans at KeyArena yesterday regarding their thoughts on the event.


After all the waiting, and all the hype over the past month or more, the Curse of Naxxramas Adventure has finally arrived, with new cards ready to shift up the meta come tomorrow, July 22nd!


eSportsMax Senior Analyst Patrick Bonifacio caught up with MVP Phoenix Captain Taewon "March" Park to talk about their wildcard performance, the state of the Dota 2 metagame after The International, and the growth of Korean Dota.


Every remaining non-Chinese team has been eliminated from The International 2014, making it guaranteed that the Aegis will go home to China this year.


China's top teams clashed at IEM Shenzhen, with Team WE, OMG, Edward Gaming, and Invictus Gaming ready to duke it out to try to take one more step in establishing which team is truly Ch