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HoN converts rejoice! StayGreen.Dota2 has officially been picked up by compLexity Gaming.


Some pretty interesting transfers and acquisitions are the tale of the Chinese Shuffle this year.


Tampa Bison shares some insight on his experience in Puerto Rico last weekend, plus some tips on what he calls Illusionary Attacks.


In this second of our five part series, we're looking at the recent trends in China's Tencent LoL Pro League (LPL) playoffs.


It seems rumors of Google acquiring Twitch, and a deal being all but assured, were grossly overstated.


Like life, Starcraft is remembered by moments.

There are Starcraft tournaments that remembered and there are those that are not.  


After weeks of struggle, Counter Logic Gaming bootcamped in Korea in an attempt to boost both the team's in-game play, and their synergy with each other both in and out of League of Legends.


There are only eight players left.   Who will come out on top?

The final eight looks like this:

HyuN, Violet, San, Polt, Stardust, Snute, Taeja and Petraeus.


Since the tournament had run rather late yesterday, the Winner's Finals for the HyperX Invitational would kick off an hour earlier today, instead.


Day 1 at Red Bull Battlegrounds Detroit was filled with a lot of….


It's been a long time since we've seen a playoff series as close as this one.


The HyperX Invitational kicked off today, at 1 PM EDT. A qualifier for the tournament had been held a few days prior, in which the two winners were awarded a spot each in this tournament.