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Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo – eSports Max takes a look at the games that made Heroes of the Storm possible.

If you've had an introduction to competitive Smash Bros play in the last year, it is undoubtedly because of the documentary, Smash Brothers.

Three teams from the LCS Spring Split are now in the biggest matches of their careers, fighting to keep their jobs against hungry Challenger teams.


At the recently-concluded StarLadder Star Series Season IX LAN Finals, sister teams Evil Geniuses and Alliance played an epic 68-minute game of Dota 2.


In a surprising and unfortunate turn of events, Counter Logic Gaming's top laner, Nien, announced today he is stepping down from the active roster.


Blizzard Entertainment takes brings a fourth game, Heroes of the Storm, to China via license to NetEase, Inc.


The culminating event of the StarCraft II World Championship Series shall return to its home in BlizzCon this year.


Watching PR Balrog win NorCal Regionals, with his EG teammates huddled around him giving him encouragement made me realize something – Fighting Games are unique in the competitive gaming space.


Blizzard has announced the specifications for the World Championships. Do you have what it takes to reach Legendary 16?


ESGN, the producer of the famous Fight Night series, has announced that they will be adding League of Legends to their popular series of weekly tournaments. Great!


I recently had the chance to talk with Chad Pryor, the co-founder of Pro Tune Gaming. The site performed great work with statisical analysis of League of Legends, delving into the behind-the-scenes data that influenced champion select, and he created tier-lists that were second to none in quality.


After announcing some struggles earlier this month with adding Capcom fighting titles to the Pro Circuit, MLG has announced that Killer Instinct (Xbox One) will be joining the lineup.