EU LCS Season 4 Spring Promotion: Copenhagen Wolves Take Down Meet Your Makers

Welcome to Season 4, League of Legends fans. First up is the EU Promotion Series, with the Copenhagen Wolves vs Meet Your Makers - Copenhagen seems awfully confident coming into this match, but they have the performance to back it up. As they came into this promotional match, not only has Copenhagen beaten Meet Your Makers before, they also went 5-0 in the promotional round robin. Meet Your Makers, on the other hand, believes their more recent experience in the LCS will aid them to victory.

Game 1

Copenhagen Wolves Meet your Makers
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
19 6 88.6k 31 9 101.7k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top Youngbuck Nasus Top Kubon Dr Mundo
Mid cowTard Kha'zix Mid Czaru Ziggs
Jungle Amazing Elise Jungle Mokatte Evelynn
AD Carry Forg1ven Caitlyn AD Carry Makler Lucian
Support Unlimited Annie Support Libik Thresh
Olaf Shyvana Katarina Kassadin Renekton Lee Sin

2-1-1 setup for Copenhagen

2:27 - Blue buffs are swapped, though MYM tried to snipe their own blue buff away from CW, was a bit too late

3:43 - 2 for 1 countergank on bottom lane in favor of Meet your Makers

4:42 - CW picks up a kill on midlane on a nice play from Cowtard's Khazix

5:00 - CW picks up the early top turret, the 2-1-1 setup paying off for them

6:55 - Cowtard overextends a little bit and ended up 2v1, giving MYM a kill

9:46 - CW takes dragon, Youngbuck teleporting in to pressure MYM off of them

11:02 - MYM takes bottom outer turret while CW regroups at the base

11:54 - CW pressures back and takes the bottom outer turrer, taking back the gold lead

12:38 - CW's Unlimited is caught out, granting MYM a 4th kill

13:25 - MYM's pickup of Evelynn continues to pay off, grabbing a gank onto top lane

14:00 - CW Amazing ganks onto top lane, picking up a kill, now 5-3 on kills in favor of Meet Your Makers

16:01 - Fantastic Ziggs ultimate forces CW off of Dragon, now up 2.7k gold

18:00 - Both teams posturing around the map, while MYM pressures midlane

20:36 - CW steals blue and picks up a kill onto MYM Makler when he is caught out by Cowtard, and crushes through midlane outer turret

22:48 - Meet Your Makers pick up a kill using Ziggs ult to pick off Unlimited with the help of an aggro'ed Wight, and takes dragon on the back of it, now up 2k gold

24:30 - Czaru of MYM grabs a nice kill onto Cowtard after he misses a leap over a wall

25:02 - CW strikes back, getting a kill on top lane, 7 to 5 on kills now

28:14 - MYM takes the top outer turret, Youngbuck beating on Kubon, 

29:20 - Team wipe for CW, with a triple kill coming from Kubon, as they take Baron on the back of that team fight, now up 6k gold.

31:30 - MYM takes the inner turret and picks up a kill on Youngbuck rotating bottom and grabbing a second inner turret, as CW is on the ropes now

34:51 - Ridiculous Ace from MYM demonstrates how important positioning is in a full 2 minute team fight that MYM narrowly dodges death several times in. Whether it was a flash, Zhonya's Hourglass, a narrow sidestep, they simply outplayed CW there

35:46 - CW takes revenge onto Kubon, taking a kill back

37:17 - CW pressures Baron giving Youngbuck time to get the bottom inner turret

37:40 - MYM takes a dragon uncontested, 11k gold up now

39:53 - Dominating ace from MYM, catching Amazing with a Thresh Death Sentance and it quickly fell apart for CW

42:13 - MYM takes down the middle inhibitor

45:00 - A long seige with the baron buff ends with disaster for MYM, losing a team fight 3-0 on a great Annie ultimate from CW Unlimited, MYM sweeps back and takes down their 5th dragon of the game, CW still down by about 15k gold

47:28 - MYM takes a turret on top, but pays for it

48:48 - CW takes an impressive ace while Mokatte was down from the previous play, taking a ace 5-1 and Baron. MYM may have missed their window as more items have come online for CW, with the gold lead down to 10k now

52:13 - CW takes dragon, bringing the gold within 8k gold, turrets 7 to 6 in MYM's favor

54:21 - CW's baron wears off at a bad moment, and catches out Youngbuck and Cowtard, picking up one kill and popping Guardian Angel on two.

55:28 - MYM pushes back down middle and gets the middle inhibitor down

56:28 - MYM baits out CW at baron, and takes an easy ace, pushing down middle and smashing through the Nexus, going up 1-0 MYM in this series

Copenhagen Wolves overfocused on Kubon seemingly, allowing MYM to just slaughter CW in most team fights.

Meet Your Makers take game one putting the world on their heels a bit - no one, myself included, expected them to take any games off of Copenhagen, let alone the first game. Now Copenhagen Wolves need to win 3 out of 4 games to advance into the LCS - it seems like they'll have to work on their shotcalling a little bit in the next games if they hope to beat this seemingly very cohesive Meet Your Makers squad. 

Game 2

Copenhagen Wolves Meet your Makers
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
18 11 66.7k 8 3 50.0k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top Youngbuck Shyvana Top Kubon Tryndamere
Mid cowTard Kha'zix Mid Czaru Ziggs
Jungle Amazing Lee Sin Jungle Mokatte Evelynn
AD Carry Forg1ven Caitlyn AD Carry Makler Twitch
Support Unlimited Zyra Support Libik Annie
Olaf Katarina Dr. Mundo Renekton Lucian Kassadin

2-2-1 setup for both teams

3:46 - MYM picks up first blood on top, but CW counters with a kill on middle and on bottom in rapid succession

4:45 - Double kill for CW.Forgiven on top lane, and the first turret goes down

6:49 - CW picks up dragon uncontested

7:10 - MYM picks up a gank on top lane 4v1 and grabs the top lane outer turret

7:40 - CW takes the bottom outer turret

12:16 - Both teams posturing around the map, no real advantage for either team at the moment

14:55 - Ace for Copenhagen Wolves after MYM started off a fight with a double stealth catch out behind dragon, they pick up 3 kills initially but CW reengages after taking down the dragon and picks up all 5 team members after a chase down bottom lane, now 8-6 in kills

15:50 - CW takes down middle tier 1 turret on the back of the ace

21:22 - Bit of a lull in the game now, as dragon is not up, so both teams just look to farm up, Copenhagen up 4k gold

21:52 - Blue buff stolen away by CW, and dragon is also taken uncontested by CW

22:48 - CW takes the bottom inner turret and picks up a kill, Forgiven is now 6/0/1 on Caitlyn

23:30 - CW takes the inner middle turret using a fast push strategy since Forgiven is so far ahead of everyone in the game

27:00 - Final inner turret falls for MYM, as Forgiven's Ace in the Hole forces them back off the top turret

28:07 - CW takes a dragon uncontested, now up 9k gold

29:43 - MYM takes the bottom turret while CW takes Baron and instantly melts Mokatte who tried to come in and snipe it

31:55 - Double push from CW takes bottom and middle turret taking 3 kills for 1, and the inhibitors go down while Forgiven takes down Mokatte and Kubon on his own

35:42 - Copenhagen takes another team fight near top lane with nice harass onto Livik forcing them away, while they take the last inhibitor turret, granting them the space they needed to take one last team fight 5-1 and rolling through the nexus. 

Copenhagen seemed to come back strong in this game, completely dominating MYM from pretty much the word go. This is more like what people expected from this matchup coming in. Perhaps Copenhagen Wolves just had some nerves to deal with? They finished the game out in just 35 minutes, so it looks like they seem to be building momentum.

Now both of these teams are tied up with a Best of 3 left to go - which team will come out on top? At this point it's anyone's game.

Game 3

Copenhagen Wolves Meet your Makers
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
23 11 68.8k 11 3 56.3k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top Youngbuck Renekton Top Kubon Shyvana
Mid cowTard Ziggs Mid Czaru Orianna
Jungle Amazing Vi Jungle Mokatte Lee Sin
AD Carry Forg1ven Lucian AD Carry Makler Sivir
Support Unlimited Zyra Support Libik Thresh
Katarina Dr. Mundo Olaf Kassadin Annie Caitlyn

4:36 - CW picks up first blood as Youngbuck flashes foward catching Kubon out when he was low, just before MYM could come into assist, as he runs towards turrets to get an execute denying MYM the kill on himself.

5:41 - 1 for 1 team fight on top lane as Amazing comes in for a gank

6:26 - Makate is taken down in middle lane as Amazing comes in and picks him off at low health

8:58 - CW steals MYM's red buff

10:56 - CW grabs dragon while MYM ganks top lane, picking up a kill. CW is up 2k gold now

12:15 - CW takes the top turret

12:28 - Amazing ults in on middle lane taking out Czaru and pushing down the middle turret.

13:34 - 1 for 1 on bottom lane, Youngbuck going down to the turret

15:46 - One for one trade in a 3v4 fight on bottom lane

16:54 - MYM takes down the top turret on the back of Makler's farm

17:31 - Bottom turret goes down for MYM, all tier one turrets are down for them.

18:15 - Scattered fight for both teams, Copenhagen wolves take a dragon and a kill and the tier 2 bottom turret

19:10 - Czaru grabs the middle tier 1 turret while CW was on bottom, getting away from the pursuit easily

23:26 - Bit of a slow period both teams farming up and fighting for position around dragon

24:47 - CW grabs the middle tier 2 turret and 3 kills as MYM tries to takes down dragon and has to fight at a poor position, really feeling the desperation from them as they are behind now. CW pushes down the tier 3 middle turret on the back of that play, the middle inhibitor now exposed

25:39 - MYM takes down dragon without much contest

26:00 - MYM takes down the bottom tier 1 turret

27:30 - CW takes down 3 kills on an overextension during a seige defense by MYM. CW is able to pick up an inhibitor as well as the bottom inhibitor turret off the play.

30:15 - MYM takes a chance and dives in on CW as they are pushing down middle and pay for it with a 2-0 team fight in favor of the Wolves, CW takes the middle inhibitor

32:02 - CW takes the top Inner turret down

32:24 - CW takes a baron uncontested and takes down two of MYM who had come to investigate. They rotate top and take down the top inhibitor turret and inhibitor. Afterwards they rotate bottom somewhat overstaying their welcome and are punished by losing 2. They try to turn back and fight it anyway, getting aced in MYM's base after being way too overconfident.

36:30 - MYM is still back on their heels as CW charges in again, and Czaru completely misses a shockwave allowing CW to push in taking two kills and the nexus. CW moves ahead 2-1 in the series, as MYM is now on the ropes.

It's panic mode for MYM, as they tried their other strategy and are now stuck on the same side of the map with second pick in the picks and bans phase.  With MYM on the ropes now, they need to win 2 in a row to win this match and get back into the LCS. Meanwhile CW look to close this out, building on this momentum even more.

Game 4 

Copenhagen Wolves Meet your Makers
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
18 10 50.1k 7 3 33.4k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top Youngbuck Shyvana Top Kubon Singed
Mid cowTard Ziggs Mid Czaru Ahri
Jungle Amazing Vi Jungle Mokatte Evelynn
AD Carry Forg1ven Caitlyn AD Carry Makler Lucian
Support Unlimited Zyra Support Libik Annie
Dr Mundo Olaf Katarina Kassadin Lee Sin Renekton


4:10 - First blood for CW on top lane after a failed gank on top and takes the tower down shortly thereafter, early advantage to CW

6:49 - 2 for 1 team fight taken by CW as well as a dragon, already up 3k gold extremely early

8:34 - Double kill by MYM's Libik on bottom lane

11:20 - 2 for 0 team fight in MYM's favor after CW Amazing extends way too far, though CW gets the outer middle turret in response

12:05 - CW sweeps around and traps Livik, grabbing a kill and the second dragon of the game

13:32 - MYM takes the bottom outer turret uncontested

13:55 - 3 man gank onto top lane, nets them the inner top turret, MYM takes the middle outer turret in response

15:17 - CW takes the middle inner turret

18:40 - Two more kills for CW and the bottom outer turret taken, with dragon falling for CW just after. The game is beginning to snowball for CW.

19:15 - CW takes another two kills, Livik getting caught out near top lane in river. Now up 10k gold

21:49 - CW takes another 3 for 1 fight after MYM tries to pressure the middle inner turret for CW.

22:45 - Cowtard is caught out by 4 of MYM in the river going down doing alot of damage to MYM

23:20 - Makler is caught out in CW's jungle and brought down quickly

24:05 - CW takes down the middle inhibitor, quickly rotate top taking down the top turret and inhibitor despite an ultimate from Makler and are just able to crush through Mokatte, pushing back up and through the Nexus!

And with that Copenhagen Wolves have made it in to the European League of Legends Championship Series! Meet Your Makers fall to the Coke Zero Challenger League. As the world expected, the red hot Copenhagen Wolves continue to be dominating despite a loss in game one. We'll see if they can keep this up as we move into the LCS next month. 

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