EU LCS Season 4 Spring Promotion:SK Gaming Extinguish Supa Hot Crew XD

This matchup of a storied team against a brand new squad, SK Gaming vs Super Hot Crew XD, is one that's not unfamiliar to League of Legends fans. After all, we saw Cloud 9 come through the Summer Promotions last summer against CompLexity. This matchup in particular though is interesting in that Scenskeren and fredy122 used to be on SHC, but are now on SK Gaming. The question is, which team is going to get the upperhand by knowing each other's playstyles? Let's find out in this best of 5.

Game 1

SK Gaming Supa Hot Crew XD
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
16 6 75.2k 22 8 81.2k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top fredy122 Dr. Mundo Top Mimer Shyvana
Mid Jesiz Zed Mid Moopz Orianna
AD Carry Candy Panda Sivir AD Carry Haydal Ezreal
Support Nyph Karma Support migxa Sona
Jungle Svenskeren Elise Jungle Impaler Vi
Morgana Elise Lucian Kassadin Nidalee Vayne

3:50 - First blood for SK Gaming on bottom lane off of a nice gank by Svenskeren, nearly trading 2 kills back, but they get out cleanly

9:55 - SK.Jesiz picks off Impaler running up from a failed gank on bottom lane

10:15 - SHC picks up a kill in bottom lane on a nice Flash/Crescendo combo from Migxa

11:10 - SHC takes a kill on middle lane and rotate bottom to grab Dragon

12:51 - SK takes a kill on bottom on a nice gank from Svenskeren, while SHC grabs a middle outer turret

15:37 - 3 for 0 team fight on a nice teleport bottom by fredy122, and is rewarded for it by a double kill

16:09 - SHC takes the top outer turret due to Fredy122's absence

17:50 - SHC grabs a dragon and there's a massive team fight that breaks out - Fredy122 gets a Quadra kill in the team fight, in a 5 for 4 ace for SHC, 9 to 7 on kills now. SHC ignored Fredy122 way too long in the fight.

20:46 - Nyph gets caught out, getting SK another kill in midlane

21:14 - Tower trade, inner top for inner bottom on SHC and SK respectively

23:00 - One for one team fight near the Dragon pit, both teams extremely focused on these objectives

24:00 - SK grabs Dragon uncontested

24:55 - SK picks up Outer Top turret with no contest on a split push from Candypanda

25:16 - SHC takes the middle inner turret cleanly

30"40 - 2 for 2 team fight near the dragon pit, and SHC picks up dragon, SHC now up 1k gold

33:00 - SHC tries bait out SK Gaming at Baron, SHC picking up a kill, but while this is going on, SK's CandyPanda takes down the bottom inhibitor turret and inhibitor and even gets one nexus turret down while SK stalls SHC near the Baron pit.

36:24 - 2 for 1 team fight for SHC on the tower defense of top lane

37:20 - SK Gaming takes Dragon uncontested

41:45 - One for one exchange in the middle of the map on a huge initiation

43:40 - SHC takes a one for 4 team fight in middle, turning around a fight where they got split up with a nice ultimate from Moopz as they push down middle and get the inhibitor turret and inhibitor

45:00 - SHC takes a dragon uncontested

46:35 - SHC baits SK out at Baron, turning onto Jesis picking up a kill, then all turning their attention onto Fredy122. He falls, with the tank lineup down, they are able to easily pick up 2 more kills and sweep into the base to the nexus and the victory



A back and forth game there from both of these teams, it seems it was a case of SK just letting SHC get too tanky, not utilizing their glass cannon type builds to do damage in the proper window of opportunity. In addition, they seemed to get baited into fights at Baron quite a bit when they were at a positional disadvantage. Either way, SHC upsets the LCS incumbent SK Gaming in Game 1. Will they be able to pull it back?

Game 2

SK Gaming Supa Hot Crew XD
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
15 8 64 K 3 1 46.9k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top fredy122 Olaf Top Mimer Renekton
Mid Jesiz Gragas Mid Moopz Orianna
AD Carry Candy Panda Sivir AD Carry Haydal Lucian
Support Nyph Taric Support migxa Sona
Jungle Svenskeren Lee Sin Jungle Impaler Vi
Kassadin Nidalee Vayne Dr. Mundo Shyvana Elise

2-1-1 setup for SK gaming

7:30 - SHC gets the first tower of the game, the Outer Bottom, winning the 2v1 race for the first tower

8:42 - SHC Migxa takes first blood on a timely ignite during a team fight near SK's blue buff, which they steal away, rotating  to grab the dragon immediately after

14:20 - SHC picks up a kill, after which they rotate middle, SHC picks up 2 kills in response. They rotate down to pick up dragon after putting pressure on middle turret

17:10 - One for one kill exchange in top lane

19:30 - A poor engagement from SK leads to a kill onto Nyph and the middle Outer turret falling

21:56 - SK takes the bottom outer turret and rotates up to dragon, and a two for one team fight for SHC and a dragon

26:13 - SK spends way too long defending the blue buff, as they are now being baited into fights at any objective however minor. 

27:35  - SHC challenges the red buff now, picking up 2 kills in the process, now 9 to 3 in kills and they are starting to pull away with this one.

27:56 - SHC takes the top outer turret

29:20 - SHC takes dragon uncontested

30:20 - SHC pushes down the middle inner turret, completely zoning SK off the turret

32:10 - Off of a defense of the tower on midlane, SHC pushes back hard, picking up a 4 for 0 team fight in which Haydal and Mimer each pick up a double kill. Excellent flank from Mimer to effectively slow down SK enough for SHC to catch up, and they take the middle inhibitor turret and inhibitor down as a result, as well as the bottom inner turret.

36:01 - SHC takes one more kill onto Candypanda as Haydal solos him down with a great Culling from his Lucian, and rotates top to grab the top inhibitor. SK has had enough at this point and call for the surrender vote! 2-0 SHC,  at this point as the rookies are looking for blood in Game 3.

Who'd have thought the rookies would be able to take two games off of the rebuilding SK Gaming?

Game 3

SK Gaming Supa Hot Crew XD
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
28 10 76k 10 2 57.3k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top fredy122 Dr. Mundo Top Mimer Shyvanna
Mid Jesiz Orianna Mid Moopz Morgana
AD Carry Candy Panda Ezreal AD Carry Haydal Caitlyn
Support Nyph Annie Support migxa Thresh
Jungle Svenskeren Evelynn Jungle Impaler Elise
Lucian Sona Vi Kassadin Nidalee Vayne

8:20 - SK Gaming takes the first blood this time around in a 3v3 engagement that ends up in a 2 for 1 exchange.

9:04 - Fredy122 takes a solo kill in top lane for SK Gaming

9:50 - SHC takes dragon and catches out Svenskeren behind the Dragon pit.

11:55 - SK take a kill on top lane in a 2v1 gank

12:36 - SK pick up a nice double kill as Jesiz roams down from mid lane, while SCH gets a return kill

14:23 - Another gank onto bottom lane picks SK up a kill

14:50 - SHC strikes back picking up a kill in the river on the rotation back middle

16:30 - SHC picks up a dragon, go one for one in a team fight then rotate middle and grabs the outer turret.

21:04 - SK goes onto midlane and picks up a kill with a nice flash from the wraith camp

22:00 - Top for Sk and Bottom outer turrets for SHC falls

23:20 - SHC gets jumped on in their own jungle as a 2 for 1 team fight ensues in SK's favor. 13-6 on kills now

24:03 - SK grabs the outer middle tower, now up 3k gold

25:20 - Top Outer turret falls for SHC, 3-2 on towers in favor of SK.

26:10 - SK are fully in control of this game as Haydal falls to the roaming death squad of SK.

28:30 - SK nets a kill while they seige the bottom inner turret

29:25 - SK grabs a Dragon uncontested.

30:45 - A two for one team fight in SK's favor gets them the Bottom Inner turret, and rotates around to the middle inner turret.

33:00 - An extended kiting fight nets 3 kills for SK, and they rotate back to Baron and grab it uncontested.

35:34 - SHC picks up one around their base, SK falls back and grabs Dragon. Fredy is a beast on Mundo right now, they seem unable to bring him down.

37:45 - SK pulls off a great series of ultimates underneath the inhibitor turret, taking the bottom inhibitor and the middle inhibitor turret

39:20 - SK pushes back down middle after backing off, with one more decisive team fight and mows through the nexus turrets and the nexus, taking the game, bringing the series back to 2-1

Supa Hot Crew is still on game point, but it seems like SK somewhat halted their momentum in that last game. Will they be able to close out the win, or will SK bring it back to 2-2 next game? :Let's find out!

Game 4

SK Gaming Supa Hot Crew XD
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
23 10 62.2k 5 2 42.7k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top fredy122 Mundo Top Mimer Renekton
Mid Jesiz Ziggs Mid Moopz Orianna
AD Carry Candy Panda Jinx AD Carry Haydal Ezreal
Support Nyph Annie Support migxa Zyra
Jungle Svenskeren Shyvana Jungle Impaler Elise
Kassadin Vayne Nidalee Sona Vi Lucian

6:25 - First blood onto bottom lane for SK, Nyph picking up the kill, but SHC strikes back Haytal picking up a kill of his own

10:00 - A much slower game, both teams ganking back and forth but not picking up any kills

10:27 - SHC take a dragon uncontested

11:55 - SK picks up a kill on bottom lane in a 3v2 situation

14:50 - SK picks up another kill on bottom lane

15:05 - SHC dives onto Fredy122 in top lane getting a kill of their own

15:25 - SHC takes down the top turret

16:45 - SK takes a 4 for 0 team fight  around Dragon after SHC gets split up during the team fight trying to chase down Svenskeren, they sweep back and take Dragon, and the gold lead.

17:30 - SK takes the bottom outer turret on the back of that previous play

18:30 - Svenskeren gets a double kill in middle lane in a 2 for 0 exchange followed by a turret

24:30 - After a lull in activity for some time, SK takes a team fight in SHC's jungle taking down 3 for 0 kills in exchange and a dragon

26:00 - Ace for SK gaming after a failed engage by SHC in their own jungle leads to an easy baron for SK. 5 for 1 on the exchange. 18 to 4 on kills in favor of SK and they are running away with this one.

28:30 - An excellent ult from SK.Jesiz catches one of SHC out, and lets them push down all three inner turrets on a triple push across all lanes, and surging straight down middle and grabbing the inhibitor.

29:36 - SK rotates bottom and dives in onto a completely unprepared SHC, rolling through and getting a kill onto Moopz, before turning around for the turret and inhibitor. There's not much that SHC can do but watch and give up two more kills before their Nexus explodes, evening up the series at 2 a piece.


What an amazing turnaround for SK Gaming! With the series now evened up at 2, both teams have everything on the line for this last game. Who will advance into the LCS? Will it be the veteran SK Gaming who appear to be on an absolute rampage, or will SHC halt their momentum and show us some of the play they displayed in games 1 and 2?

Game 5

SK Gaming Supa Hot Crew XD
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
20 9 56.5k 3 1 35.7k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top fredy122 Dr. Mundo Top Mimer Shyvana
Mid Jesiz Ziggs Mid Moopz Orianna
AD Carry Candy Panda Jinx AD Carry Haydal Ezreal
Support Nyph Leona Support migxa Thresh
Jungle Svenskeren Elise Jungle Impaler Lee Sin
Sona Vi Lucian Kassadin Vayne Annie


8:40 - First blood for SK Gaming on an excellent Solar Flare from Nyph's Leona picks up 2 kills and a dragon

9:50 - Jesiz catches out Impaler warding SK's jungle picking up a kill

10:40 - SHC strikes back with a kill on bottom lane after a failed engage

13:55 - 3 for 1 exchange on bottom lane on the back of a gank by Svenskeren

16:40 - SK scores an ace near the Dragon pit, with Fredy122 pulling some excellent tanking work completely holding the back line of SHC at bay. They take the Dragon and rotate bottom and grabs the bottom inner turret, now up 8,000 gold and up 11 kills to 2.

18:25 - Haydal goes down as he barely gets away and gets caught looking at the shop by a Ziggs ultimate, reacting way too late to escape

20:58 - SK grabs a turret a outer turret

21:28 - Svenskeren gets caught out near SHC's base, getting blown up. Now 12 to 3 on kills.

22:20 - SHC pushes back taking their first turret on the top lane.

23:00 - SK takes another dragon, dominating on global objectives

24:00 - SK takes another 2 kills in middle on an excellent Leona engage.

24:49 - Baron taken by SK and 3 kills after SK flashes over the Baron wall just exploding onto SHC. Baron was nearly stolen by SHC, but the timing was just off from Haydal.

27:08 - SK pushes down the bottom lane and just rolls through the inhibitor turret, SHC throws themselves at SK, clearly desperate but just couldn't make it work on the count of way too much crowd control. Svenskeren pushes into the base to pick up an additional kill and Impaler is helpless to watch as the nexus goes up in flames!

And with that, SK Gaming have come from behind to secure their spots in the League of Legends Championship Series! Supa Hot Crew seemed to catch SK Gaming a little bit by surprise but they were no match for the seasoned veterans of SK Gaming.


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