LoL Battle of the Atlantic: Alliance Aces Dignitas, Europe Draws First Blood

It's time once again to visit that oldest of League of Legends rivalries, EU vs NA in the Battle of the Atlantic. Today the two squads that finished 4th square off in the first of this exhibition series. This match will be worth 1 point in the overarching Battle of the Atlantic event. 

Of course, this particular matchup pits Alliance (formerly CLG EU and then Evil Geniuses) against the American squad Dignitas led by Scarra. This is an old rivalry dating back to the Season 2 World Championship where CLG (as Alliance was known then) upset the hometown heroes. This'll be the first test for the new Alliance squad and Dignitas' new top laner, Cruzerthebruzer.

Game 1

Alliance Dignitas
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
11 10 48.7k 2 0 31.9k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top Wickd Renekton Top CruzertheBruiser Shyvana
Mid Froggen Nidalee Mid scarra Gragas
AD Carry Tabbz Lucian AD Carry Imaqtpie Sivir
Support Kazmitch Zilean Support Kiwikid Karma
Jungle Shook Elise Jungle Crumbzz Olaf
Dr Mundo Annie Kha'zix Kassadin Lee Sin Evelynn


Standard lane setup from both teams.

3:52 - All.Shook gets the first blood coming up bottom lane through the lane with a nice flash forward to catch out Kiwikid

6:44 - Dignitas takes the first dragon of the game after forcing Kasmitch out of bottom lane

7:24 - Heads up play from All.Froggen, sniping out the blue buff under the nose of scarra and Crumbzz with a nicely timed Nidalee spear.

8:35 - Dignitas picks up a kill on Kasmitch, but Alliance's Tabbz strikes back with a double kill, going 2 for 1

9:45 - Alliance takes down the Outer Middle turret and forces Scarra out, almost taking the Inner as well

11:04 - Kazmitch's Zilean pick pays off as an ultimate saves him from a gank, reviving him

11:20 - The failed gank from Dig.Crumbzz opens up the middle lane for pressure from Froggen and Shook basically for free, as they take the Inner Turret

13:40 - A team fight breaks out near dragon as Dignitas overcommits onto Shook, who Kazmitch saves with a timely Zilean ult. They are forced to scatter, and Allaince picks up 2 kills. Dignitas gets a return kill when Froggen 

overcommits to chasing, but takes dragon as a response. Alliance now up 4.5k gold.

15:20 - Alliance takes down the Top Outer build

16:30 - Alliance forces Dignitas back off the Outer Turret, and Alliance continues to just dominate this game as Dignitas falls back against Alliance's poke comp, allowing them to take the Outer turret as well

20:32 - Alliance picks up 2 kills and the Middle Inhibitor turret on the seige

22:18 - Alliance takes dragon uncontested, the 2nd of the game

23:22 - Dig.Scarra gets caught by an Elise cacoon, allowing Alliance to pick up two kills while the bottom inhibitor turret took pot shots at them - they didn't care, picking up a further kill before turning on the turret and inhibitor taking it down. They quickly rotate middle and grab that inhibitor as well before backing out.

24:15 - Alliance continues to control Dignitas' jungle, picking up another blue buff. Dignitas can't seem to catch up to Alliance's team comp despite the Sivir ultimate.

25:30 - Alliance picks up Baron uncontested and rolls down middle lane, with Wickd leading the charge diving underneath both Nexus turrets, tanking shots from it. Scarra tries to counterinitiate with an ult, but falls along with Cruzer. The rest of Dignitas is helpless to watch as their Nexus explodes, and they go down 1-0 in the first Battle of the Atlantic match.

What a start from Alliance. To think, this team has only been together as a unit for about a week now - they certainly were able to counter the movement speed composition from Dignitas very well, and the Zilean pick really paid off from Kazmitch. Going into game 2, Dignitas is going to have to work together as a more cohesive unit if they want to have a chance to succeed.

Game 2


Alliance Dignitas
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
25 10 67.1k 10 2 48.8k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top Wickd Malphite Top CruzertheBruiser Shyvana
Mid Froggen Gragas Mid scarra Ziggs
AD Carry Tabbz Jinx AD Carry Imaqtpie Lucian
Support Kazmitch Taric Support Kiwikid Karma
Jungle Shook Elise Jungle Crumbzz Evelynn
Zilean Nidalle Lee Sin Dr Mundo Annie Kassadin

Standard lane setup for both teams.

3:46 - Disaster for Dignitas on the bottom lane. Shook comes in for a gank, which prompts Dig's Cumbzz to come in to help - Dig picks up a kill on Shook. However, it just ends up netting Tabzz a double kill, and Froggen comes in to secure the third kill on the chase north through river, netting Alliance both double buffs to start the game. 3-1 Alliance

6:20 - Dignitas picks up a kill in bottom lane on a countergank

7:17 - 1 for 1 for Dignitas on bottom lane

8:30 - Wickd comes in for a teleport gank and ults on to Crumbzz, netting himself a kill.

9:07 - 2 for 1 countergank by Dignitas on middle lane - Alliance got a little too greedy

11:05 - Alliance.Froggen picks up a kill onto Dig's Scarra near mid lane

11:47 - Alliance.Shook barely survives a team fight, granting Alliance another kill

13:00 - Alliance collapse down using teleport to go for a 4v3 fight, picking up 2 kills, the bottom outer turret, and a dragon. Now up 4k gold. 10-5 in kills in Alliance's favor

15:30 - Wickd takes down the outer Top lane turret

17:44 - After a few minutes of inactivity from both teams while they position around the map Alliance is somewhat caught out near bottom lane in Dignitas' jungle. They are able to trade one for one, with two players barely escaping with their lives.

19:40 - Dignitas picks up a 2 for 0 kill exchange on a 3v2 while Alliance is trying to steal away their blue buff.

20:24 - Dignitas takes their first dragon of the game uncontested

21:15 - Alliance pick up a kill on bottom lane on a nice countergank from Shook - they continue to chase down bottom lane while Wickd comes through Dignitas'  base to ultimate onto Scarra, who barely gets away with his life, Alliance backs out after that, taking the bottom outer turret on the way out.

25:20 - Alliance picks up another inner turret as the top falls after leading Dignitas on a bit of a chase around the map

26:00 - Alliance pushes down Dignitas' bottom inhibitor turret, as minions push down the bottom outer turret for Alliance.

26:56 - Dignitas grabs the Dragon trying to catch up, uncontested.

28:30 - Dignitas was baited into a team fight at Baron, going 0 for 3 in the exchange after being chased away by Alliance.

31:11 - Dignitas goes for a bad engagement, Alliance picks up yet another kill

31:30 - Alliance picks up Baron and another kill near top lane

32:09 - Alliance rotates to mid and take the inner turret uncontested

32:58 - One for one exchange and Alliance picks up the inhibitor turret and inhibitor on the bottom, and a reengage from Alliance nets them a further two kills and the Nexus turrets. They take a 2:00 victory dance and poke down Dignitas on their fountain, and just as the Nexus was going to fall, Wickd ult'd in and picked up 2 kills right at the end. 

Dignitas got absolutely destroyed through this 2 game series, and it appears that this new Alliance squad with Shook in the jungle will be a force to be reckoned with in the Spring Split. Dignitas have some work to do, with the bottom duo of Kiwikid and Imaqtpie definitely needing the most synergy work.

With that, Europe draws first blood! Next up in the Battle of the Atlantic are TSM with their new star midlaner Bjergson and the just about newly remade Lemondogs. Who will come out on top? Keep it locked here to eSportsMax




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