RBBG Group B: MC vs Snute - Boss Toss vs Viking

RBBG Group B: MC vs Snute - Boss Toss vs Viking

MC vs Snute – 30 second analysis

Boss Toss vs Foreign Hope

RBBG Group B starts with a clash of styles; MC, the Boss Toss vs Snute, the Foreigner.

Game 1

  • 7 minutes – Snute’s third is defended, but barely. 
  • 8 minutes – Many small clashes give MC time to upgrade and build tech while Snute floods roaches.
  • 23 minutes – MC floods units killing Snute’s fourth and half of his swarmhost army.
  • 25 minutes – MC continues to bash headlong into locusts, but comes out on top.  Why go around when you can ram straight through?
  • Snute sticks to his guns, or locusts…. But it isn’t enough.  GG! MC wins!

Game 2

  • 12 minutes – Snute shuts down MC’s aggressive push.
  • 16 minutes – Fungals come raining down… but there aren’t enough and MC takes out Snute’s third.
  • The tide is simply too strong and the Boss Toss powers on.
  • GG! Win MC in this short game. 

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