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Intern with the Blizzard eSports division. Blizzard has listed a job posting for a Collegiate eSports Program Developer Intern. This is an excellent way to get your foot in the door of the eSports industry.

Intern with the Blizzard eSports division.

Blizzard has listed a job posting for a Collegiate eSports Program Developer Intern. This is an excellent way to get your foot in the door of the eSports industry. 


Blizzard is seeking an enthusiastic, highly ambitious, and self-driven student to join our Collegiate & Amateur eSports Team for summer 2014 as a collegiate program developer intern. You’ll be responsible for working alongside our team to develop program features which enhance the value we provide to grassroots groups and streamline backend processes for local chapter recruitment, organization upkeep, and delivery of program benefits. As a member of this lean, quick-moving team, you’ll also participate in everything from high level program strategy discussions to fostering individual relationships with the region’s most influential collegiate leaders. At the start of your internship, you will work with the team to identify opportunities for high impact depending on your skillset.

Quest Objectives
  • Work with The eSports Association (TeSPA) leadership and collegiate presidents to coordinate and support the network’s expansion
  • Develop creative backend processes to optimize onboarding and upkeep activities for local collegiate chapters
  • Develop strategic initiatives which promote community development and event-related education
  • Enhance the TeSPA website by streamlining the user experience for different key audiences
  • Identify and establish strategic relationships with top external collegiate organizations
  • Manage local chapter relationships to enhance chapter growth, loyalty, and collaboration
  • Help document programs needs and development opportunities
Level Requirements
  • Currently pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and returning to school for at least one more semester following the internship
  • Exceptional understanding of collegiate gaming communities
  • Leadership experience in or working with collegiate eSports groups
  • Proven track record of using strong interpersonal skills to build relationships in the eSports community
  • Experience producing online gaming content (livestreams, webinars, etc.)
  • Experience developing and operating tournaments, brackets, and leagues
  • Experience developing and implementing online tools and website enhancements
  • Ambitious self-starter and comfortable working on projects without direct supervision
Recommended Talents
  • Majoring in computer science, web development, or a related field
  • Experience designing, setting up, and operating live broadcasts in a tournament setting
  • Experience with WordPress and PHP
On Blizzard Culture
When you intern with us, you’re respected as a full member of the team, doing real work that often times ends up in production. As such, we hold you to the same high standards as anybody else in the company.

Blizzard exists in a hyper-creative atmosphere, curated by talented professionals serious about getting the most out of themselves and our culture. We want interns who are enthusiastic about what they want to do for a living, and excited to come in every day to learn and contribute. Ours is a highly collaborative environment, and we’re drawn to like-minded people who love knowledge-sharing and thrive in a team setting. Being part of a team also means communicating effectively and maintaining an open mind - one that is receptive to feedback and able to adapt and grow. Your hobbies and interests can also play in your favor. Passion for technology, gaming, game development, and an in-depth knowledge of Blizzard games, products and services will always be a plus with us, regardless of the position you’re applying for. Be passionate about who you are, be into our industry, and be willing to go all-in and embrace this opportunity to the fullest.

You can apply at the Official Blizzard Website

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