Call of Duty Championship 2014 Announced

Activision has announced the return of the $1 million Call of Duty Championship to Los Angeles on March 28-30.

32 teams will compete for the title of best in the world and their share of $1 million prize pool through online and local qualifiers. Global online qualifiers will start later this month for a variety of different countries and regions, with the first United States qualifer taking place on February 1st. These teams will first qualify through a series of online qualifers, with the top eight teams from each qualifier flying out to compete in the regional LAN finals.

Teams will come from all over the world and will be broken down as such:

Americas – Thirteen (13) Teams

United States of America – Eight (8) Teams

Brazil – Two (2) Teams

Canada – Two (2) Teams

All Other North & South America – One (1) Team

Europe – Thirteen (13) Teams

United Kingdom/Ireland – Four (4) Teams

France – Two (2) Teams

Germany – Two (2) Teams

Belgium/Luxembourg/Netherlands – One (1) Team

Denmark/Finland/Norway/Sweden – One (1) Team

Italy – One (1) Team

Spain – One (1) Team

All Other Europe including Russia – (1) Team

Asia Pacific – Four (4) Teams

Australia/New Zealand – Two (2) Teams

Hong Kong/Singapore/Taiwan – One (1) Team

South Korea – One (1) Team

Africa & Middle East – Two (2) Teams

South Africa – One (1) Team

United Arab Emirates – One (1) Team

For a list of the full online qualifier schedule, you can visit MLG's website here.

There will be three regional LAN qualifier finals following the online qualifiers, prior to the very final event in Los Angeles.

Live Regional Finals:

Australia / New Zealand – Sydney 28th February, 1st March, 2nd March

Europe – London, 28th February, 1st March, 2nd March

USA – New York, 7th - 9th March

Championship – Los Angeles, 27th – 29th March

All of the online qualifiers will be handled through the Xbox 360, but the grand finals will take place on Xbox One according to the release. It'll be interesting to see if that sticks with how players will respond.

We'll continue to cover the Call of Duty: Championship qualifiers as we approach the actual event, so be sure to check back for new information.

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