The End for Speed Gaming in G-League, TongFu advances to playoffs

Speed Gaming had a good run. They defeated Titan and the EMS One Fall champions in Vici Gaming, but they just couldn't hold up against TongFu in the pre-finals (Quarterfinals? Group Stage playoffs? G-League has a confusing bracket system.)

Speed was off to a great start, with a strong mobility style lineup in game one that managed to pick off TongFu enough times to snowball the game in their favor and take game one without much contest from Tongfu.

It seems like they were just laying in wait with a surprise of their own as in game 2 Tongfu came out swinging, constantly ganking Speed Gaming's support in Pieliedie. This disadvantage ended up costing Speed Gaming in team fights severely, letting it snowball far out of their control. One last heavy push from Tongfu was all it took for Speed to crumble.

While it looked like Speed might come back and win in game three with an awesome 5 man team wipe from SingSing on Templar Assassin, but Tongfu was able to exert pressure on the map, picking up a Roshan and pushing in for the kill.

Now TongFu moves on to the semi finals after defeating both the MLG Champions in Speed and the EMS One Fall Champions in Vici Gaming, where they will fight LGD. Meanwhile iG will take on DK on the other side of the bracket. We'll have in depth coverage of the semifinals when they kick off tonight, and the final match will be played after the new year.


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