Infinity Ward Outlines Future Plans for eSports Changes

Following an ongoing discussion between competitive players and Infinity Ward, the developers of Call of Duty: Ghosts, many improvements to the eSports ruleset have been announced that accommodate the preferences of professional players.

Tina "Teenah" Palacios, Senior Community Manager at Infinity Ward, detailed these changes today in a post on the Call of Duty forums, addressing every complaint that the community had regarding eSports rules and issues. She noted that they would be making some changes in the immediate future, while committing to others at an unspecified period in the future. These changes come outside of overall changes to Ghosts gameplay, such as issues with spawns, that will be addressed in their own title updates throughout the coming weeks.

In the immediate future, they hope to address:

  • Restrict Ghillie suits in competitive rules.
  • Restrict Tracker Sights in competitive rules.
  • Restrict Danger Close in competitive rules.
  • Disable third-person spectating in competitive Private Matches.
  • Add a kill feed to Broadcaster mode.
  • Address Broadcaster mode stability (squash crash bugs).

In addition, they are "commited to delivering" the following changes.


  • Removal of split-screen in Private match when eSports rules are enabled.
  • Add eSports rules to Clan vs. Clan playlist.
  • Open Clan v Clan playlist to allow solo player entry & mixed clan teams.
  • Modify Dead Silence/Amplify functionality.


  • Resolve the defuse timer animation discrepancy.
  • Modify the defuse time sound effects if the defuse process is cancelled.

Broadcaster Mode:

  • Add game action overlays where needed (flag captures, etc.).
  • Resolve the leaderboard’s red death indicator delay.
  • Roll over player in scoreboard to highlight arrow in mini-map.

New Platform:

  • Investigating the addition of Xbox One LAN support.

Infinity Ward has come under fire in the past months regarding their support of competitive eSports, but Palacios was sure to reiterate just how much constructive and positive communication helps in situations like this. "Each constructive conversation, message board post and reddit thread had had a positive impact on our development process. We're always lurking and listening," said Palacios. This shows a direct shift in motivation and community support, one that players are sure to be excited about.

You can read the post in full over on the Call of Duty forums.


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