LGD.cn Wins D2L Finals over Fnatic 3-1

LGD.cn Wins D2L Finals over Fnatic 3-1

D2L has been one hell of a weird tournament. First, LGD.cn was nearly replaced for the finals after some miscommunication between the sponsors of LGD, the team and the tournament organizers. Next, two of Fnatic's players are unable to make the event and are replaced with standins: long time veteran of the scene Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho and Speed Gaming's "Aui_2000".

The weirdness didn't stop there as the old guard of Vici Gaming and Alliance were both defeated, Alliance shockingly so by the quickly cobbled together Fnatic squad, which was a massive upset. 

Moving into the Grand Finals, most people were predicting a LGD.cn victory, but Fnatic were not looking to go down without a fight.

In game one, Fnatic tied up the series at one game a piece, as LGD was afforded a one game advantage heading into the Grand Finals from the winners bracket, but LGD still looked solid. They would prove to be the ultimate victors of the day as they walked away with the $25,000 first place prize. 

However, not everything seems to be well in the LGD camp, as captain Xiao8 wrote on his profile shortly after the match:

"Thank you teammates, a perfect end. 2014 will be a new start. 3 years with LGD, dream forever."

There is some speculation that Xiao8 will be joining a "Chinese Superteam" in the near future. We'll keep you posted as we find out more about the situation!

Image Source: GosuGamers

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