Own3d.tv is Back - But It's Not a Streaming Site

We promised we would update you as to the status of Own3d.tv months ago, when we reported on rumors of the apparent relaunch of the streaming site. Well, it appears that it's not a streaming site at all. Two individuals acquired the domain name after the site went offline, and have instead decided to launch their own eSports website.

Currently, all they have on the site is a League of Legends champion directory that aggregates guides from other League of Legends websites like Mobafire. 

"Let's keep it short and set a few things straight: We're in no way related to the previous company and team. That's it. Nada. Sorry." their first post reads, continuing. "We're just some other guys who had some ideas for some time about an esports website we wanted to make. Well, it happened that we got our hands on this lousy domain with a fucked up reputation. But life’s boring without any challenges — so we thought let's try to change this. We think own3d.tv is too cool of a name too keep it in that rusty state. In the long term we hope to create a place where gamers love to come again. However, bear with us, we're starting small.",

You have to appreciate their courage, but turning that name around is going to take an awful lot of work. At any rate, good luck to these gentleman in their endevour - it appears that Twitch, MLG and Azubu can all quietly breathe a sigh of relief, however small it may be, that another competitor didn't enter the ring.

Source: own3d.tv

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