Proleague Time Change

Starting on January 12th, the start times for Proleague matches will be 30 minutes earlier.   Take another 30 minutes off your alarm clock North American fans. 

Matches that were previously scheduled to begin at 19:00 KST will now begin at 18:30.  

English audio will also be available to those that require it.   Ask at the information booth as you enter the studio. 

Ace matches will also be played on the first floor booths rather than the booths on the second floor.   This doesn't mean much to viewers who watch via the stream, but makes a difference for those of you who show up in person.  

If you haven't been watching Proleague (it's on in the very early morning in North America), then I suggest you give up some sleep to do so.  It's some of the best StarCraft II that you can view. 


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