Riot adds Rulings to LCS Rulebook on Selling of Teams, Lemondogs DQ'd from LCS

Rumors have been flying about the Lemondogs, who put on a subpar performance at the Battle of the Atlantic, getting absolutely destroyed by Team Solo Mid. It seems that the rumors of their roster not being solidified are true, as they have yet to submit a roster to Riot.

Many allegations have been flying that Ninjas in Pyjamas are looking to buy back in to the LCS, and Riot obviously wants to stop that. So, to that end, they've amended the LCS rulebook to include the following, via loleSports:

  • In section 3.1: No Team Member on a team who played in either LCS region and/or any aspect of the Challenger Series (including play-in) may purchase or otherwise attempt to own/control an LCS team without a complete Split having taken place since their last point of participation in the LCS or Challenger Series.

Rationale: Per the philosophy above, we do not want to marginalize a team’s efforts and successes in the Promotion matches simply because another owner has deep pockets and wants to buy back into the LCS.

  • In section 3.1: Changes in Ownership may only occur between Splits, meaning after the most recent Playoffs and Promotion Matches but before the start of the following Split.

Rationale: We think that mid-Split ownership changes are confusing to fans and not beneficial to the Players, so we want to limit those changes to the All Star break or the offseason.

  • In section 3.2: No team may have on their roster more than two players at a time from any single starting lineup of a different team that played in either region of the LCS and/or any aspect of the Challenger Series (including play-in) in the last two completed Splits.

Rationale: While we want to preserve the ability of teams to pick up new players and change their roster, we do not want them to pick up entire existent lineups and essentially drop in a new team (and we consider a team to be 3/5 or more of the starters). This will prevent teams who lose in the Promotion matches from being picked up in their majority or entirety. Taken in conjunction with the restriction on owners’ ability to purchase a team, this rule should prevent immediate buybacks in their entirety.

  • In section 4.2.1: Per Section 3.2, no team may trade for more than 2 players of another LCS team.

Rationale: Just a clarification based on the updated rule in Section 3.2.

Lemondogs have until 12:00 AM CET Wednesday night to submit a roster or we'll be facing a 3 way relegation match between the losing teams from the Spring Promotion Tournament to decide who gets their slot. What's your take on this, eSportsMax reader? Let us know in the comments!

Update: It seems that Lemondogs management was unable to comply with the demands of LCS officials, and thus have been disqualified from the LCS. Supa Hot Crew XD, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Meet Your Makers now have another shot at getting into the LCS as they play in a three way relegation tournament sometime this weekend. We'll keep you posted as we know more!


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