Team Dark Disqualified from LoL Champions Winter

After some trolling midmatch, Riot, OGN and KeSPA drop the banhammer.

Team Dark decided to do a bit of a tribute to now retired CJ Frost jungler CloudTemplar in game 2 of their series against Samsung Galaxy Ozone. Rather than a simple "this is for you, CT" in chat they decided to pick all jungle champions: Amumu, Skarner, Maokai, Shen and Trundle. Certainly not a lineup that is looking to win any games.

Not only that, they tried to invade Ozone's jungle at level one, leading to a 4-0 exchange in Ozone's favor, but then gave up three more kills after they took an early game Dragon. As Ozone pushed into their base at only six minutes in, Team Dark offered no resistance instead opting to sell their items and fill the base with wards.

As a result of their actions, OGN, Riot Games and the Korean eSports Association have decided to swing the banhammer at Team Dark for violating their broadcasting contract, specifically the clause about poor conduct and sportsmanship (Article 6, Section 5). At present, they are disqualified from Champions Winter, and will recieve none of the money they would have earned for making it to top 16. It's possible that further action could be taken against them, including a ban from future competition.

Source: Korean e-sports via Gosugamers

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