WCS EU Gets Two Great Koreans

Incredible Miracle has lost both Yoda and First.   Their expired contracts were not renewed and it appears that the players have chosen to find other teams.    More importantly perhaps, they have chosen to play in WCS EU

You can read the full story in Korean if you are so inclined.


In other team swapping news, MaNa and hOpe have not had their contracts renewed by Mouseports.


"Since the very beginning of our mousesports StarCraft division in 2009, MaNa has always been an exemplary member of our team. Always professional, kind and modest; just a very good friend. We went through some difficult but mostly successful times with him. The team grew very close together throughout the past four years and MaNa always played a key role in that process. Within the last couple of weeks, we however came to the conclusion that something has to change. It was time for us and for him to head into another direction. I'm sad about letting him go but I'm also thrilled to work with our new team in 2014. Grzegorz, thanks for your time and effort in our team. We wish you all the best for your future!

I also want to thank hOpe for his time in mousesports. We picked him up earlier this year and everyone seemed to be very surprised by that time. But he quickly made a name for himself and became an important part of our team. Plans have now changed for 2014 and it's unfortunately time to go separate ways. Dan, best of luck to you too!" - Markus Kemper, Mouseports StarCraft II Head Coordinator.




"I am parting ways with mousesports, after 4 great years of cooperation. I am really happy that I could be a part of that family. They picked me up when I was an up-and coming player and created the MaNa that I always wanted to be. Two of my biggest dreams came true thanks to mousesports: Winning at least 1 big tournament and competing as a player in a Korean league. I’d like to say goodbye to all of the guys working/playing in mousesports." -- MaNa


It's always in some way disappointing to see players and teams part ways, but it is also exciting to guess where these great players might end up.  

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