EU LCS Season 4 Spring Promotion Preview and Predictions

For six teams, much more than pride is on the line. These teams are fighting for the chance to get into, or get back into, the League of Legends Championship Series. Facing relegation out of an extremely competitive European LCS are MeetYourMakers, SK Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas. The challenger teams that blazed through the EU Promotional Qualifiers are the undefeated Copenhagen Wolves, Dreamhack Winter runner up Kiedys Mialem Team and the rookies SUPA HOT CREW XD. Which of these teams will make it out on top? Starting on December 13th at 3:00PM EST, we'll find out! Be sure to tune in early, if you have the chance, to catch Alliance versus Dignitas and Lemondogs vs Team Solo Mid on December 14th and 15th respectively, at 12:00 PM EST.




Meet Your Makers vs Copenhagen Wolves - December 13, 3:00PM EST

MeetYourMakers Copenhagen Wolves
Top Kubon Top Youngbuck
Mid Makler Mid cowTard
AD Carry Czaru AD Carry Forg1ven
Support Libik Support Unlimited
Jungle Mokatte Jungle Amazing


Matchup to watch: AD Carry Czaru vs Forg1ven


The Copenhagen Wolves have been absolutely on fire as of late, coming through the Promotion Qualifiers at 5-0. They are the only team across both regions to do so. They look to take down Meet Your Makers, who admittedly, have not been doing so hot lately. Not only did Meet Your Makers finish in last place in Season 3's Summer split, they also did not manage to do much at WCG where they represented Poland, finishing 9th-16th with a 2-2 record in group stage. Copenhagen Wolves beat MYM the last time they met, so it looks like they'll have this one tied up before it even begins. It'll be up to a duel of AD Carries in this set, and which team can peel better for them.

Prediction: Copenhagen Wolves 3:0  Meet Your Makers

SK Gaming vs SUPA HOT CREW XD - December 14th, 3:00PM EST


Top fredy122 Top Mimer
Mid Jesiz Mid Moopz
AD Carry CandyPanda AD Carry Haydal
Support Nyph Support Migxa
Jungle Svenskeren Jungle Impaler


Matchup to Watch: Svenskeren versus All of Supa Hot Crew



This matchup is a little more interesting. Supa Hot Crew squeaked through into the promotion stage of the series with a 3-2 record with some great early aggressive play that let them snowball the game in their victories. They're comprised mostly of former members of Millenium, Moussports, Ninjas in Pyjamas and are not even playing with a full roster, using a sub Impaler. All of that aside, they look to take down SK Gaming who has looked on form, if a little shaky while they've nailed down roster issues. SK still managed to win Dreamhack Winter against Kiedy's Mialem Team, but they did lose a game against them (presumably why they didn't take the chance and pick them for their relegation match).

As recently as November, both fredy122 and Svenskeren were on the roster of SHC, so perhaps that will give SK the edge they need to win. Svenskeren is most likely very intimately familiar with their playstyles and will have some interesting gank paths from the jungle for them. It will be up to Impaler to counterjungle and put pressure on the map so he can't set up shop. That being said, Impaler is a sub - not someone you'd likely want watching your back in such an important match, so I have to give the edge to SK Gaming here, while maybe losing a match to their early aggressive style.

Prediction: SK Gaming 3:1 SUPA HOT CREW XD

Ninjas In Pyjamas vs. Kiedys Mialem Team - December 15th, 3PM EST


Ninjas in Pyjamas Kiedys Mialem Team
Top Zorozero Top Xaxus
Mid Nukeduck Mid Overpow
AD Carry Freeze AD Carry Celaver
Support Mithy Support VandeR
Jungle hyrqBot Jungle




Matchup to watch: Nukeduck vs Overpow in midlane


Kiedy's Mialem Team is another team that squeaked through the online qualifier with a 3-2 record, tying SUPA HOT CREW for second. Recently, KMT have been doing very well for themselves, despite bouncing from organization to organization these past few months. They came in 2nd in Winter Dreamhack to SK Gaming and won the ESL Polish Pro Series over Pulse eSports in a straight 2-0 set most recently. Before that was a first place finish at Dreamhack Bucharest as H2k Gaming, and a top place victory in the Cybersport League 2013

After a subpar 15-13 finish last season didn't land them in the playoffs, 3/5 of Ninjas in Pyjamas departed the organization. Indeed, the Ninjas have struggled quite a bit lately to nail down a consistant roster, though they have found great replacements in Nukeduck, Zorozero and Mithy - it's clear that there is still much work to be done judging by their 2-0 loss in the IEM Cologne Amateur Final against the Copenhagen Wolves. It'll be down to team chemistry, and ace mid laner Nukeduck to carry his team to victory over the much more consistant KMT, whose domination of map control and vision leads to a buff control oriented game.

Overall, I'm going with the team that's been together longer, and has seen greater success as a unit. Expect Nukeduck and Mithy to get rolling at least once, and it'll be a close game 3 - but KMT should be able to win this one out.

Prediction: KMT 3:1 Ninjas in Pyjamas

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