Proleague Round 1 - Week 3 Preview

Proleague Round 1 - Week 3 Preview

Games in Proleague will start 30 minutes earlier this coming week at 18:30 KST.

There are some incredible matchups in this round.

Here are the top 3!

  1. PartinG (SKT1) versus Flash (KT)
  2. Maru (Jin Air) versus DongRaeGu (MVP)
  3. PartinG (SKT1) versus herO (CJ)

PartinG versus Flash

PartinG's best matchup is versus Protoss, but he is no slouch against Terran. That said, he recently went down 0-2 to ByuN and 0-1 to Maru.

Flash has never regained his former glory, but he is always a formidable opponent and entertaining to watch. He plays equally well in any matchup, but his last three Protoss matches saw him taking out eMotion 1-0, while going down to defeat 0-1 to both Sora and Rain.

PartinG should win this, but the beauty of Flash's style is that he can win any match on any day. sees it like this.


Maru versus DongRaeGu

Maru gets better every week and frankly, it's hard not to root for him in every matchup. He does things as a Terran that seem to transcend what others (even Taeja) can accomplish.

DongRaeGu has had his ups and downs, but his best matchup by far is versus Terran.

I don't think DRG has much of a hope versus Maru, but that's why we play the games. Upsets happen.

It's no surprise that I take Maru in this match.

Aligulac disagrees.


PartinG versus herO

PartinG is in his wheelhouse versus another Protoss player. herO has been getting better with every tournament. This is a great match that could go either way, but I'm taking herO.

Aligulac agrees.


January 12, 2014

CJ Entus versus Incredible Miracle

  1. (Z) Hydra versus (P) HerO on Frost LE
  2. (P) Sora versus (P) Squirtle on Bel'Shir Vestige LE
  3. (Z) EffOrt versus (Z) ByuL on Sejong Research Station
  4. (P) herO versus (P) YongHwa on Star Station TE

SK Telecom T1 versus KT Rolster

  1. (P) PartinG versus (T) Flash on Star Station TE
  2. (Z) soO verus (P) MyuNgSiK on Frost LE
  3. (Z) Soulkey versus (T) TY on Yeonsu LE
  4. (P) Rain versus (P) State on Sejong Research Station


January 13, 2014

Prime versus Samsung Galaxy Khan

  1. (P) Jila versus (Z) Shine on Frost LE
  2. (P) Creator versus (Z) RorO on Bel'Shir Vestige LE
  3. (Z) KassiA versus (P) Stork on Sejong Research Station
  4. (Z) TerrOr versus ((Z) Solar

Jin Air Green Wings versus MVP

  1. (T) Maru versus (Z) DongRaeGu on Frost LE
  2. (T) sOs versus (T) Dream on Bel'Shir Vestige LE
  3. (Z) Rogue versus (T) KeeN on Sejong Research Station
  4. (T) Cure versus (P) Super on Star Station TE


January 14, 2014

SK Telecom T1 versus CJ Entus

  1. (P) PartinG versus (P) herO on Yeonsu LE
  2. (P) Classic versus (Z) Hydra on Sejong Research Station
  3. (T) BrAvO versus (P) Sora on Bel'Shir Vestige LE
  4. (Z) Soulkey versus (Z) EffOrt

KT Rolster versus Incredible Miracle

  1. (P) Zest versus (Z) ByuL on Yeonsu LE
  2. (T) TY versus (P) Ruin on Sejong Research Station
  3. (T) Flash versus (P) HerO on Bel'Shir Vestige LE
  4. (Z) Action vs (P) Squirtle

All of the matches are available on and are well worth getting up early (if you live in NA like me) to watch. 


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