CompLexity Upsets, Quantic Struggles: NALCS SEASON 4 Spring Promotion

If you've been out today and haven't had a chance to watch any of the matches, we've got you covered with some quick breakdowns of some of the major matchups played today in the League of Legends NA LCS 2014 Season Spring Promotion tournament.

To Be Determined vs The Walking Zed
TBD's Brokenshard took the first kill on TWZ's Bischu, but TWZ returned fire with a 4-0 fight. Despite TWZ being up for most of the early game, it was actually pretty close in terms of gold and tower kills. This didn't last long though, as TWZ took a pretty handy lead, up by 10 kills and 12k+ gold. TBD started to get some kills back and close the gold gap, but it just wasn't enough. The Walking Zed wins with a 24-10 kill lead and 20k+ gold lead.

Complexity vs Quantic Gaming
After a quiet start on both sides, Jintae finally gets CoL the first blood on Suno. They were very evenly matched on gold. Col and QNT traded kills, but then COL just started to lead a bit. CompLexity held a steady, but slight lead. That started to fall nearing the 25 minute mark where Quantic started to make a comeback. CoL started to turn that around though, and went up 6 turrets and 7k gold, just passing the 30 minute mark. In an upset, CoL finally take the win 15-14 with a huge gold lead.

To Be Determined vs Quantic Gaming
TBD came out really strong against Quantic, picking up some early kills that really set the tone and pace for the rest of the match. To Be Determined pulled away early on and took the win without much struggle or fight put up by Quantic Gaming. To Be Determined is now up 2-1 in their group.

Quantic Gaming vs The Walking Zed
Coming off the horrid loss to To Be Determined, Quantic wasn't ready for another loss. Despite this, they gave The Walking Zed the upper hand, allowing themselves to be absolutely decimating in the beginning. At this point, Quantic just couldn't recover and faced yet another loss to The Walking Zed, who are on a roll at this point.

We hope you've enjoyed these quick updates and we'll be sure to update you as qualification spots are confirmed.

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