EU LCS: Gambit Too Hot to Handle, Defeat SHC

Supa Hot Crew may have had an extremely roundabout journey to actually get into the LCS, but they’re on a mission to prove that they belong. A strong showing against one the best teams Europe has to offer would go a long way towards doing just that.

While most seemed to expect Gambit to dominate Supa Hot Crew, the early game provided exactly the opposite. Taking advantage of EDward (who revealed that he is, in fact, sick, and not playing his best), SHC got several early kills on MrRalleZ’s Caitlyn, trying to accelerate her to her late-game power spike. At the same time, Alex Ich has having a lot of trouble dealing with Moopz’s Gragas, finding Kayle’s lack of real escapes a hindrance in escaping ganks and general lane pressure.

However, it seems like SHC never really knew how to take full advantage of their position, and the later the game went, the more Gambit started to take control. Aside from the fact that a late-game Kayle is a force to be reckoned with, Gambit’s experience really started to show. Never was this more evident than an ill-advised engage from SHC near the Baron pit, where Gambit cleaned up a great fight, and went on to win every teamfight thereafter. In contrast to SHC, Gambit knew exactly what to do with a lead, and led by the extreme pressure created all game by Darien’s Shyvana, went on to push for the win.

There are two main lessons that should have been learned from this. The first is that Supa Hot Crew should not be underestimated, as they’ve shown they have the capability to make impressive plays and take talented teams by surprise. The second is that experience can definitely be extremely important, and Gambit’s knowledge of how to take a lead and utilize it was the deciding blow.


The team lineups and final scores:


Gambit Supa Hot Crew XD
Kills Turrets Gold Gold Turrets Kills
24 8 78.9k 68.9k 6 15
Position Player Champion K/D/A Position Player Champion K/D/A
Top Darien Shyvana 4/2/10 Top Mimer Dr. Mundo 1/4/5
Jungle Diamond Lee Sin 3/2/12 Jungle Impaler Xin Zhao 1/8/10
Mid Alex Ich Kayle 9/3/9 Mid Moopz Gragas 3/3/5
Marksman (AD Carry) Genja Jinx 7/2/7 Marksman (AD Carry) MrRalleZ Caitlyn 9/3/2
Support EDward Annie 1/6/15 Support Migxa Thresh 1/6/8
Vi Lucian Elise Kassadin Riven Warwick


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