EU LCS Week 1: The Wolves Howl Back Against Roccat

After an impressive start to the week taking out Alliance, Copenhagen Wolves have gone on a bit of a slide, throwing away a game where they had a massive lead against SK Gaming yesterday. Today they look to redeem themselves against an as of yet undefeated Roccat.

The game was fairly even, trading kills and objectives back and forth with each other quite evenly. At 30 minutes into the game, the gold stood at even for both teams. The game started to turn when Roccat allowed Copenhagen Wolves to take control of their jungle. As soon as the Wolves were able to set up shop, they caught multiple team fights at perfect angles, able to convert kills into objective control.

The point where the game broke wide open for the Wolves was a Baron attempt by Roccat. Overpow overextended into the CW jungle to try and stall the Wolves from getting to the Baron pit, to no avail as he went down way too quickly to accomplish this goal. With the numbers advantage, the Wolves were able to chase Roccat off of Baron. This led to several tower kills and the starvation of Roccat being stuck in their base.

The Wolves were then able to rotate up to Baron and easily take it down. With the Baron buff, seiging the base of Roccat became an easy proposition and the Wolves pushed into Roccat's base, picking up an ace and the Nexus for the win!

With the victory, Roccat is dealt their first defeat of the LCS, and the Wolves move to .500!

The final score can be viewed below:


Roccat Copenhagen Wolves
Kills Turrets Gold Gold Turrets Kills
8 4 54.8k 64.9k 8 14
Position Player Champion K/D/A Position Player Champion K/D/A
Top Xaxus Caitlyn 1/2/4 Top Youngbuck Dr. Mundo 2/1/6
Jungle Jankos Evelynn 2/6/4 Jungle Amazing Lee Sin 1/2/10
Mid Overpow Riven 2/2/0 Mid cowTard Yasuo 5/2/0
Marksman (AD Carry) Celaver Caitlyn 3/1/2 Marksman (AD Carry) Forg1ven Lucian 6/0/5
Support Vander Lulu 0/2/4 Support Unlimited Leona 0/3/11
Vi Kassadin Kayle Thresh Elise Annie



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