LoL BotA: Europe Pulls Ahead as Gambit Defeats XDG Gaming

The 4th match in the Battle of the Atlantic tournament is between XDG Gaming (formerly Vulcan) and Gambit Gaming, the two teams that finished second place in the summer split. This match is worth 2 points in the overarching Battle of the Atlantic.

This is XDG's chance to prove that they've done enough work in the offseason to show that they can compete on an international level after finishing 11/12th in the Season 3 World Championships. No roster moves were made so hopefully that team synergy will be on form this split, and Zuna has overcome some of his issues with being overaggressive. Not to mention, this is somewhat of a revenge matchup for them as Gambit dealt them an upset in Group Stage during said World Championships, and that was without Edward - so they'll have their work cut out for them.

As for Gambit, they dominated at IEM Cologne a few months ago when Edward rejoined the team, so they are looking to do more of the same today. Their overconfidence could cost them though, as XDG loves to exert early game pressure. It'll be up to Gambit to catch XDG making a late game mistake if they want the victory.

Game 1

Gambit Gaming XDG Gaming
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
23 11 79.2k 7 2 54.1k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top Darien Shyvana Top Benny Nasus
Mid Alex Ich Kayle Mid mandatorycloud Kha'Zix
AD Carry Genja Sivir AD Carry Zuna Lucian
Support Edward Amumu Support BloodWater Annie
Jungle Diamondprox Nocturne Jungle Xmithie Vi
Nidalee Dr. Mundo Gragas Kassadin Evelynn Elise

Extremely odd picks from Gambit here - not bad, just not normal they have excellent initiation but if XD Gaming can survive the initial onslaught they might be able to pull out the team fights.

2-1-1 setup from XDG.

2:00 - GMB steals away the red buff from XDG on an invade

3:50 - XDG takes down the Top Outer turret, 2-1-1 paying off early.

4:30 - Attempted Dragon from GMB, had to back off

5:10 - XDG grabs first blood when Mancloud's Kha'zix goes all in on Alex Ich's Kayle, Xmithie picking up the assist.

6:40 - Mancloud grabs another kill in midlane while aggression goes on in the bottom lane. XDG up 2-0 on kills and about 1k gold.

11:50 - GMB's Edward on Amumu lands a great initiation as they pick up a kill onto Zuna bringing the kill score to 2-1, XDG lead.

14:50 - XDG takes down dragon uncontested

15:20 - Edward sacrifices himself to save Genja from a gank, 3-1 kill lead for XDG. Bottom outer turret falls to XDG now ahead 2k gold.

17:02 - One for one exchange on a gank/countergank situation in the bottom lane, GMB picking up a kill then losing one in exchange to Mancloud on the retreat. 4-2 on kills.

18:00 - GMB takes all the outer turrets almost similtaniously off of the last play. GMB takes the gold lead.

21:30 - Gambit takes a team fight 4 for 0 and takes an early Baron and a dragon at the same time now ahead 6k gold suddenly and now XDG is on the back foot. The increased tank line won them that fight, and XDG initiated poorly.

23:30 - Diamondprox's Nocturne ganks top lane and picks up another kill onto Benny, GMB now ahead 7-4.

25:20 - GMB takes down the outer mid turret and continue to seige down the middle lane inhibitor turret taking down Zuna and get the inhibitor on the retreat.

27:40 - GMB takes down the top inner turret without much contest and XDG grabs a great initiate when GMB stays around a little too long, and XDG takes a team fight 4 for 1 getting them back in the game. 10-7 on kills in GMB's favor

31:15 - GMB takes a team fight in the middle of the map 3 for 0, and gets an inhibitor as their reward. 13-7 GMB on kills.

32:40 - Both teams keep trying to start baron and are dancing around skirmishing, no one has gone down yet.

33:30 - GMB grabs dragon uncontested, moving ahead 12k gold. XDG isn't out of this yet though.

36:00 - GMB's tankline continues to dominate this game taking another fight 3 for 0 now ahead 15k gold and 16-7 on kills.

37:20 - GMB forces yet another fight at Baron and makes XDG fall for the bait taking the fight 4-0 and the Baron now ahead 19k ahead and it looks like GMB has just snowballed this game so far.

41:00 - Bit of a stall while GMB waits for minions to push down the bottom inhibitor turret - once they get there, the rout was on, Edward initiating perfectly and cleanly picking up 3 kills for his team. GMB then easily sweeps through the Nexus (pictured) and picks up a decisive game 1 win.

Game 2

Gambit Gaming XDG Gaming
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
22 8 67.1k 13 4 52.3k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top Darien Warwick Top Benny Shyvana
Mid Alex Ich Riven Mid mandatorycloud Syndra
AD Carry Genja Lucian AD Carry Zuna Sivir
Support Edward Annie Support BloodWater Leona
Jungle Diamondprox Elise Jungle Xmithie Lee Sin
Nidalee Dr Mundo Gragas Kassadin Nocturne Evelynn


XDG kind of tried to take the idea of GMB's composition from last game, but there's a ton of threats in Gambit's lineup, so it'll be up to Bloodwater to peel for his team.

2-1-1 setup for XDG.

3:45 - First blood for GMB this time around, Alex Ich's Riven picking up the kill on the repeat gank from Diamondprox on Elise.

4:35 - XDG strikes back with a gank of their own onto midlane, evening up the kill score while the top outer turret goes down, giving XDG an early lead

5:56 - GMB takes the bottom outer turret while XDG take the inner top lane turret while GMB takes the dragon evening up the gold.

10:00 - XDG takes an the middle outer turret while being ganked iin the bottom lane, Zuna falls. Meanwhile Benny falls in the top lane to a roaming Alex Ich on Riven. Now 3-1 on kills and GMB begins to pull ahead on gold slightly, up 700.

12:20 - Fight breaks out in the midlane on a great initiate from Bloodwater's Leona - one for one dispite excellent damage from both teams and GMB takes down the midlane outer turret for their troubles, now ahead 1.3k gold.

13:40 - XDG takes dragon uncontested, catching them up in gold to nearly even.

15:35 - Alex Ich facechecks a bush and pays for it, XDG pulling back ahead in gold slightly.

16:43 - XDG starting to get rolling picking up three kills in rapid succession with some beautiful work from Bloodwater's Leona and some acrobatics from Xmithie's Lee Sin to pick off Edward cleanly despite having low health. 8-4 on kills and now XDG is ahead 2.7k gold.

20:19 - Bloodwater lands an excellent initiation on Edward and grabs the kill but then a Triple Kill for Alex Ich on Gambit and moves to take dragon, but XDG snipes it out from under them. XDG ahead 2k gold still

21:45 - 2 for 1 team fight in Gambit's favor, the gold still very close, XDG only ahead by 1.5k now.

26:40 - XDG continues to try to blow up Edward and pay for it losing a team fight 4 for 0 with GMB body blocking XDG from moving around the team fight (pictured). They take dragon and chase down Zuna eventually for the delayed ace. Gambit ahead 5k gold.

32:25 - 2 for 1 teamfight for GMB and takes Baron uncontested on the back of the play, now ahead nearly 8k gold.

33:58 - One for one team fight initiated by GMB when Zuna is caught out while Gambit takes Dragon

34:40 - Middle Turret and Inhibitor falls as they take a team fight 3 for 1 while Gambit manages to DPS down the Nexus throughout the course of the fight taking the series 2-0!

An impressive display from XD Gaming doesn't deter Gambit's consistant and counterinitiates from taking the series for EU! Now, Europe is ahead 4-2, but NA is not out of this yet as a win for Cloud 9 tomorrow would take the series! Stay tuned for our coverage of the Battle of the Atlantic tomorrow at 2PM EST!

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