NA LCS: Evil Geniuses and Dignitas Pick Up their First Victories in Day 2

Cloud 9 and Curse remain undefeated after 2 days, while EG and Dignitas pick up their first wins of the LCS.

Heading into Day 2 of the North American LCS, Cloud 9 and Curse sit comfortably at the top of the bracket undefeated, while some old favorites haven't yet picked up a win. Let's jump right in and see what happened today!


Curse vs XDG


Curse XD.GG
Kills Turrets Gold Gold Turrets Kills
29 9 67.3k 52.3k 2 12
Position Player Champion K/D/A Position Player Champion K/D/A
Top Quas Karthus 6/3/6 Top Benny Shyvana 5/1/5
Jungle IWDominate Pantheon 6/2/13 Jungle Zuna Vi 4/6/5
Mid Voyboy Akali 11/3/11 Mid mancloud Yasuo 1/10/3
Marksman (AD Carry) Cop Caitlyn 5/1/13 Marksman (AD Carry) Xmithie Jinx 2/8/5
Support Zekent Annie 1/3/14 Support BloodWater Leona 0/4/7
Kayle Olaf Elise Riven Kha'Zix Kassadin


Day 2 of the NA LCS started off with a match between Curse and XDG, and what better way to get things under way than with some extremely unconventional picks? Curse’s last two picks were Akali for Voyboy in the middle lane, and Karthus for Quas in top lane.


Akali generally doesn’t make many appearances in high-level play, but clearly Curse thought she was the answer to Yasuo in mid lane. It’s hard to argue with the results, evidenced both by Voyboy’s 11/3/11 line and the 1/10/3 score for mancloud. Particularly when we consider that mancloud is considered among the best mid laners in NA, this was extremely impressive.


Curse’s team comp pulled out a few interesting strategies: First, the global presence from the ultimates of both Pantheon and Karthus. Second, the extreme early game pressure of Pantheon jungle, combined with scary late game champions like Akali and Karthus. It worked out to perfection for them, and they were able to use these strategies to take the win.


Cloud 9 vs Counter Logic Gaming


Cloud 9 Counter Logic Gaming
Kills Turrets Gold Gold Turrets Kills
17 9 60.0k 46.5k 5 12
Position Player Champion K/D/A Position Player Champion K/D/A
Top Balls Dr. Mundo 0/3/9 Top Nien Shyvana 3/1/1
Jungle Meteos Elise 7/0/7 Jungle Link Vi 1/5/4
Mid Hai Zed 4/3/2 Mid HotshotGG Cassiopeia 1/4/2
Marksman (AD Carry) Sneaky Lucian 6/2/6 Marksman (AD Carry) Doublelift Jinx 5/4/3
Support LemonNation Thresh 0/5/12 Support Aphromoo Annie 2/3/7
LeBlanc Nidalee Kayle Kassadin Yasuo Kha'Zix


One of the biggest stories of the last split of the NA LCS was the record-setting KDA ratio of 12.7 achieved by Meteos. As his 7/0/7 line in this game can attest, he is still fully capable of maintaining a ridiculous score while being a huge factor for his team.


Perhaps the most intriguing matchup in this game was in the mid lane. After Bjergsen did it yesterday for TSM, Hai went with the Zed pick in this game. These two players are known for playing a lot against each other, and sharing information, so perhaps this shouldn’t be a surprise. What was almost shocking, however, was HotshotGG’s choice to go with Cassiopeia here. A very rare pick indeed, it created a buzz in the crowd. It’s almost sad that we didn’t get to see it make an impact.


The other lane people had their eyes on was the bottom lane. After the reunion of the “Rush Hour lane” for CLG, many wanted to see how they stacked up against Sneaky and LemonNation. Great plays were made on both sides, and Doublelift definitely did his part to help his team. However, superior coordination and objective control led to Cloud 9’s eventual victory.



Dignitas vs Team Solo Mid


Dignitas Team Solo Mid
Kills Turrets Gold Gold Turrets Kills
3 1 29.3k 46.1k 9 19
Position Player Champion K/D/A Position Player Champion K/D/A
Top Cruzer Trundle 0/5/1 Top Dyrus Warwick 0/0/7
Jungle Crumbzz Lee Sin 1/3/1 Jungle TheOddOne Elise 3/0/7
Mid Scarra Yasuo 2/5/0 Mid Bjergsen Leblanc 13/1/1
Marksman (AD Carry) Imaqtpie Lucian 0/4/3 Marksman (AD Carry) WildTurtle Jinx 2/1/8
Support KiWiKiD Annie 0/2/3 Support Xpecial Thresh 1/1/10
Renekton Zed Shyvana Kassadin Gragas Dr. Mundo


When you speak of one sided games, typically you're talking about things like objective control, team fighting and the like - this time around it was all about the so called "Bjergerking". Bjergsen was everywhere Dignitas wanted to be in this matchup, completely shredding Scarra in lane and picking off individual members of Dignitas left, right and center. His 13/1/1 record allowed him to get his team rolling, offering not just the damage he put out, but assists for his team to get ahead on the rest of the map.

Even when he wasn't there, TSM were able to take team fights handily. TSM used this gold lead generated by Bjergsen to take a 19:30 Baron, the fastest we've seen this split of the LCS. After that, there wasn't much left for Dignitas to do but roll over and die as they fell to 0-2 on the week.







Evil Geniuses vs Counter Logic Gaming


Evil Geniuses Counter Logic Gaming
Kills Turrets Gold Gold Turrets Kills
16 10 59.6k 43.0k 2 3
Position Player Champion K/D/A Position Player Champion K/D/A
Top Innox Dr. Mundo 4/1/8 Top Nien Shyvana 1/5/1
Jungle Snoopeh Olaf 3/0/9 Jungle Link Elise 1/2/2
Mid Pobelter Kha'Zix 5/0/2 Mid HotshotGG Nidalee 0/4/1
Marksman (AD Carry) Yellowpete Caitlyn 2/1/8 Marksman (AD Carry) Doublelift Ezreal 1/4/0
Support Innox Thresh 2/1/5 Support Aphromoo Leona 0/1/2
LeBlanc Jinx Annie Kassadin Ziggs Gragas


The Evil Geniuses have not been having a good week so far. Of course to say that is somewhat of an understatement - after getting shredded yesterday against XD.GG and Team Solo Mid, they needed a win to really get back in the game.

Fortunately for them, Coast would deliver them one on a silver platter. They attempted to get the game rolling early by attempting a pre level 6 Dragon fight. However, EG was in perfect position to contest, and a well placed ward allowed Innox on Dr. Mundo to teleport into the fight right next to Doublelift, taking him out of the fight early. This allowed EG to mop up and take a team fight 4 for 1.

After that, it was all downhill for CLG, as EG rotated from objective to objective and caught CLG out in their own jungle several times. Each time they caught someone out, it was another objective secured, until EG rolled into the base of CLG and took their first victory of the LCS.




Coast vs Team Dignitas


Team Coast Dignitas
Kills Turrets Gold Gold Turrets Kills
3 2 41.1k 58.0k 10 15
Position Player Champion K/D/A Position Player Champion K/D/A
Top ZionSpartan Yasuo 1/3/1 Top Cruzer Dr. Mundo 0/1/6
Jungle Nintendude Elise 0/4/1 Jungle Crumbzz Wukong 3/1/11
Mid Shiphtur Kayle 1/0/1 Mid Scarra Karthus 3/1/8
Marksman (AD Carry) WizFuujiN Varus 1/5/1 Marksman (AD Carry) Imaqtpie Jinx 6/0/4
Support Daydreamin Thresh 0/3/2 Support KiWiKiD Annie 3/0/11
Renekton Gragas Shyvana LeBlanc Kassadin Ziggs



After falling to 0-2 earlier in the day, Dignitas was pitted up against the only other team left to not secure themselves a victory in Coast. Both of these teams seem be having trouble against the higher tier LCS teams in Cloud 9, XD.GG and TSM.

However, that's not to say either of these teams are bad, and Dignitas certainly proved it here today. Crumbzz on Wukong was the standout performer of the match wracking up an impressive 14 KDA this match - his presence around the map allowed Scarra and Imaqtpie to get rolling over their opposites on Coast.

The play that seemingly made the game for Dignitas came early, when Coast decided to take an early Dragon, and allowed Dignitas to continue pressuring the top lane. This allowed them to move ahead on turrets, and allowed Crumbzz the time he needed to focus on the middle and bottom lanes. It also allowed Cruzer to begin roaming the map as well, taking team fights on Dignitas' terms rather than Coast's.

All of this added up to an easy victory for Scarra and crew - they move to 1-2, leaving Coast the only team left with no victories in the NA LCS after 2 days.



Standings at the End of Day 2


Standing Team Wins Losses Win Pct. Streak
1 Cloud9 HyperX 3 0 1.000 W3
2 Curse 2 0 1.000 W2
3 Team Solo Mid 2 1 .666 W1
4 Counter Logic Gaming 1 2 .333 L2
- XDG 1 2 .333 L1
- Evil Geniuses 1 2 .333 W1
- Dignitas 1 2 .333 W1
8 Team Coast 0 2 .000 L2



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