NA LCS Season 4 Spring Promotion: Team Coast Beats Out The Walking Zed in a Close Series

Coast beats out The Walking Zed in an absolutely epic (and delayed by 2 hours) 5 game series ending an extremely long day 2 of the NA Promotion Series.

With the Battle of the Atlantic out of the way for the day, Team Coast gets set to take on The Walking Zed.

Coast has been revitalized by the addition of new marksman Wizfujiin and has come off of a second place finish in the North America Challenger League. Indeed, they are looking very confident heading into this matchup against The Walking Zed, who in their own right, are looking a bit scary coming off of a big win in the promotion qualifiers finishing them out 4-1.

TWZ is still a little bit of a question mark as Coast has yet to play against them, so it'll be interesting to see how this matchup plays out.

Game 1

Team Coast The Walking Zed
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
13 7 45.7k 1 0 31.5k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top ZionSpartan Shyvana Top Yakuzi Nasus
Mid Shiphtur Ziggs Mid Bischu Orianna
AD Carry Wizfujiin Jinx AD Carry bobbyhankhill Lucian
Support Daydreamin Annie Support NydusHerMain Thresh
Jungle NintendudeX Olaf Jungle KOR Rez Elise
Nidalee Gragas Dr. Mundo Riven Kassadin Sivir

The team composition seems to be in Team Coast's favor at least on the 5v5 team fight side of things. TWZ is going to be looking for Coast to be out of position so they can get pickoffs this game.

Tech problems plague the beginning of the game so we'll see which team can rebuild momentum first.

6:30 - TWZ picks up the first blood when NydusHerMain lands a Thresh hook, but Wizfujiin got the kill onto Bobbyhankhill's Lucian.

8:30 - Triple Kill comes in for Wizfujiin's Jinx as TWZ tries to gank, but Nientendudex is there for the countergank ending in a tower dive, using Get Excited to get in and out quickly with the kill. CST takes the gold lead 1.5k up now.

12:20 - CST picks up another two kills in rapid succession and pushes down the top outer turret, NientendudeX is all over the map and putting pressure on TWZ.

13:35 - Dragon picked up by CST uncontested. CST now up 4k gold.

15:36 - CST seiges down the bottom outer turret without much contest, nearly picking off Nydushermain's Thresh.

16:48 - CST picks up yet another kill on a roaming play through their own jungle, picking off Bischu's Ziggs

17:49 - CST rotates top and gets the inner turret, and a kill onto Nydushermain, continues to push and gets the inhibitor turret as well losing nothing for their efforts. Now ahead 8k gold - WizfujiiN is just running away with this game for CST.

20:05 - Dragon falls for CST yet again, building on their lead. They rotate middle and take down the outer turret, now ahead 9k gold.

21:12 - CST continues to seige forward taking down the inner middle turret uncontested.

23:30 - CST takes down the top inhibitor and gets out safely taking no losses, and roates back to take Baron without any knowledge from TWZ.

25:16 - CST takes yet another turret and a team fight breaks out, and though TWZ put down some nice damage to start, CST was able to survive the onslaught as Wizfujiin bursts forward picking up kill after kill, ending with a triple kill. TWZ has had enough and taps out, 1-0 Team Coast in dominating fashion.

After TWZ picked up the FIrst Blood, this game went completely in Coast's favor. Wizfujiin in particular was amazing in this game. TWZ looked completely on tilt there, perhaps due to the technical difficulties early in the match.  They'll have to completely throw out everything they experienced in that match if they want to reset and hopefully put up some sort of resistance.

Game 2

Team Coast The Walking Zed
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
8 9 82.5k 14 9 81.3k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top ZionSpartan Shyvana Top Yakuzi Renekton
Mid Shiphtur Ahri Mid Bischu Orianna
AD Carry Wizfujiin Varus AD Carry bobbyhankhill Sivir
Support Daydreamin Thresh Support NydusHerMain Karma
Jungle NintendudeX Elise Jungle KOR Rez Olaf
Gragas Nidalee Dr. Mundo Riven Kassadin Ziggs

TWZ is going for more of a speedy compostion hoping to catch Coast out, while this seems like it may play into Coast's plans with single target CC that can pick out stragglers.

0:45 - Coast walks into all of TWZ as they come in to their jungle looking to get some wards down as Yazuki picks up the first blood. A second kill follows on the chase, what a distaster for Coast. Already ahead about 1k Gold.

6:05 - TWZ presses their advantage and manages to get the bottom outer turret down. TWZ ahead 1.5k gold.

8:20 - Shiphtur catches Rez out of position as he's roaming around the map, picking up Coast's first kill of the game.

11:23 - Nientendudex solos the first dragon of the game for Coast, tying the gold up.

12:55 - Great kill by Shiphtur onto Bischu, but Rez comes in to make the exchange 1 for 1. 3 to 2 on kills for TWZ, gold even.

14:40 - Coast takes the bottom outer turret, but they pay for it losing a team fight 2 for 0.

15:04 - TWZ capitalizes and takes down the outer middle turret and take the gold lead, now up 2k gold.

17:50 - TWZ takes a dragon uncontested but loses a team fight 2 for 0 in Coast's favor, bringing the gold lead down to 1k. Kills are 6 to 5 in favor of TWZ.

20:20 - Zionspartan leads twz around the map on a wild goose chase, barely getting out alive thanks to a Thresh lantern

22:45 - Coast takes a baron with only two people, taking it without twz knowing at all. Gold just about evened out

24:00 - Coast takes an uncontested dragon, but Zionspartan goes down on top lane. Meanwhile Coast pushes bottom getting the inner bottom turret down.

28:30 - TWZ manages to catch Daydreamin out picking up a kill.

29:15 - TWZ takes down the inner bottom turret.

30:20 - Coast takes an uncontested dragon.

31:00 - TWZ takes another turret, this time the inner middle turret. TWZ's speed based comp is helping them immensely.

36:30 - Baron was a point of contention a bit with Coast doing just enough to get twz out of there, picking up one kill in the process. Coast is up 2k gold due to superior farm and dragon control so far.

40:00 - Game is still obscenely close, only 2k seperates the teams.

42:55 - 2 for 1 fight in favor of Coast after a very speedy chase, and Coast takes Baron uncontested. 9 to 8 on kills.

44:04 - Zionspartan solos another Dragon, Coast now up 4k gold.

47:30 - Zion takes down the bottom inhibitor turret on his own.

47:47 - Coast takes down the middle inner turret on Zionspartan's rotation back to midlane.

50:00 - Zionspartan tries to push the bottom lane inhibitor and Coast takes the top inner turret. They try to rotate up and catch TWZ out to no effect, no kills.

53:30 - In a complete surprise ending, Coast tries to do Baron but forgets to sweep out the most basic of wards, so they end up trying Baron in full vision of The Walking Zed (pictured, ward circled). They get a little split up so TWZ capitalizes and catches out 3. They surge down the midlane while Coast tries to backdoor as they have minions in the base of TWZ. Two go back to base while 3 continue to push. They are able to finish off Zionspartan for the Ace and the win. What a comeback!

TWZ managed to outplay Coast right at the end there, overwarding the Baron pit so they wasted all their sweepers to catch them unawares trying to take Baron. That's when their team composition really shone through as they were able to boost in and take a team fight when it counted. So despite being down gold just slightly, they pull out the win and send the series to a best of 3.

Game 3

Team Coast The Walking Zed
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
13 9 58.4k 2 2 47.4k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top ZionSpartan Nasus Top Yakuzi Shyvana
Mid Shiphtur Ahri Mid Bischu Katarina
AD Carry Wizfujiin Sivir AD Carry bobbyhankhill Jinx
Support Daydreamin Thresh Support NydusHerMain Karma
Jungle Nintendudex Olaf Jungle KOR Rez Wukong
Nidalee Gragas Orianna Riven Kassadin Ziggs

2:00 - CST steals away TWZ's blue buff

4:45 - Nintendudex catches first blood on a gank into bottom lane riding in on a nice Thresh lantern.

11:00 - A few failed ganks from twz nets them nothing as Coast continues to pull ahead with superior farm and counterjungling, now up 1k.

13:00 - Another failed 4 man gank for twz getting Shiphtur more farm and damage on the middle outer turret

14:20 - CST picks up a kill after Zionspartan tries to contest the blue buff steal and gets jumped on, CST rotates in and TWZ has to retreat, losing one. CST 1.5k up

17:05 - First dragon goes to TWZ uncontested.

19:15 - TWZ takes the top outer turret

19:40 - 4 for 1 team fight for CST when Wizfujiin is caught out, beautiful peel work for Daydreamin. 6 to 1 CST ahead on kills, 1k up on gold.

23:20 - CST catches out Kaz and takes another kill. Now up 2k gold.

27:41 - CST takes another kill and pushes down the top inner turret, Zionspartan's Nasus is getting huge chunking turrets for nearly a third of its health on his own.

29:25 - TWZ gets one kill in midlane as CST disengages and takes a dragon uncontested. Coast still up 2k gold

30:25 - Coast takes down Baron and picks up a kill when Bischu gets melted when he gets too close 9 to 2 on kills in Coast's favor, back ahead 3k

32:28 - Zionspartan chunks down 2 turrets in a row tanking turret shots (pictured), twz loses a bad team fight 4 for 0 and easily rolls through the Nexus on the back of Zionspartan's Nasus in a decisive victory. 2-1

Coast takes back game 3 and now twz is on the ropes! Daydreamin landed amazing Death Sentences throughout the whole game, and Zion's Nasus just was ridiculous. Heading into Game 4, the bans will have to be perfect from TWZ if they want to take it to game 5.

Game 4

Team Coast The Walking Zed
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
14 4 56.8k 22 10 77.4k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top ZionSpartan Nasus Top Yakuzi Kha'zix
Mid Shiphtur Leblanc Mid Bischu Ziggs
AD Carry Wizfujiin Jinx AD Carry bobbyhankhill Lucian
Support Daydreamin Thresh Support NydusHerMain Fiddlesticks
Jungle NientendudeX Elise Jungle KOR Rez Olaf
kassadin Riven Sivir Kassadin Riven Sivir

2-1-1 Setup for TWZ, standard setup for CST

7:10 - Daydreamin sets up First Blood again with a Thresh lantern giving Nintendude the first blood on Elise.

8:55 - Nintendude ganks top lane giving Nasus a kill

9:41 - TWZ takes the middle turret and a dragon while CST takes the top outer turret. Gold even.

11:02 - 1 for 2 team fight as TWZ takes advantage of the overextend from Shiphtur.

11:20 - TWZ takes the top outerturret and takes the lead.

12:40 - CST takes a team fight 3 for 1 and takes the bottom outer turret evening the gold.

14:15 - TWZ turns around a team fight and picks up a kill, now 6-4 on kills in CST's favor, TWZ ahead now 1.3k gold

16:00 - CST takes a dragon but pays for it TWZ taking a 3 for 0 team fight, now 7 to 6 on kills in their favor as they pull ahead 3k in gold.

18:30 - TWZ picks up another kill, catching out Wizfujiin in the jungle.

20:30 - 2 for 1 team fight for TWZ inside of CST's base.

21:50 - TWZ grabs a dragon uncontested, now 4k gold ahead.

23:02 - TWZ takes down the inner bottom turret easily and is looking for more.

23:20 - Shiphtur blows up NydusHerMain instantly, kills now 10 to 9 in TWZ's favor.

27:41 - TWZ takes a chance trying to do baron while Zionspartan is split pushing. They hesitate on going back, and CST gets the bottom inner, inhibitor and inhibitor turrets down. TWZ still up on gold by 4k.

31:00 - TWZ takes down dragon after a team fight with no losses for either team, now ahead 6k gold.

32:20 - 4 for 2 team fight after Kez snipes Baron out from under Coast's nose (pictured), just under 10k ahead and 14 to 11 on kills in their favor

35:00 - TWZ seiges down the bottom inhibitor turret and jumps in absolutely melting CST in a 5 for 3 team fight. Zionspartan respawns in time to stop the survivors from taking down the nexus turrets, but they do get the middle inhibitor turret on the retreat

40:11 - TWZ takes the open inhibitor and rotates down to Baron and Nintendude gets melted trying to steal the baron. They push back in and there's very little Coast can do but make a last stand and get demolished, losing 2 in the exchange and watching their Nexus explode, tying the series up at 2 a piece.

Now both teams have their backs to the wall. One more loss for either means they're out, and the winner moves on into the LCS. Coast played well there, but they just didn't have the tank line to stand up to The Walking Zed's all offensive lineup. TWZ will have to turn it on even harder if they want to send Coast down to the Challenger League.

Game 5

Team Coast The Walking Zed
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
21 10 63 k 1 2 42.9 k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top ZionSpartan Renekton Top Yakuzi Shyvana
Mid Shiphtur Ahri Mid Bischu Jayce
AD Carry Wizfujiin Jinx AD Carry bobbyhankhill Sivir
Support Daydreamin Thresh Support NydusHerMain Fiddlesticks
Jungle NientendudeX Olaf Jungle KOR Rez Elise
Nidalee Gragas Orianna Kassadin Riven Ziggs

1:50 - CST tries to invade, but unsuccessfully. Wizfujiin goes back to lane and hits level 2 before TWZ gets there.

6:35 - Shiphtur picks up first blood roaming top with Ahri.

7:18 - Wizfujiin gets CST another kill on the same gank they've pulled in 2 other games, using lantern to pull Nintendude's Olaf in.

7:40 - Dragon is taken early by Coast on the back of the last play. Now ahead by 2k gold.

9:30 - Wizfujiin grabs a double kill after yet another brilliant hook by Daydreamin

11:24 - Nintendude ganks top and nets CST another kill, now up 5 to 0 and nearly 4k gold. They want their LCS spot, clearly.

13:56 - CST picks up yet another kill on Kez as he's caught out and the middle turret falls.

14:21 - Dragon's taken uncontested, while TWZ takes a turret of their own on top lane. 7k gold up for CST.

16:41 - Coast takes down the middle and bottom inner turrets quickly without much contest, now down 8k gold.

20:05 - CST easily tkes down the top inner turret and takes a team fight 2 for 0 and quickly rotates middle doing damage to the middle inihibitor turret, before retreating out to grab dragon and head home to buy. 10k gold up already.

22:28 - TWZ makes a mistake and comes out of their base, Nydus getting blown up. The middle inhibitor turret falls off the back of that kill. 11 to 0 on kills, as Coast is just dominating.

23:30 - CST picks up two more kills, now up 13 to 0 now up 13k gold.

25:00 - CST rolls through the bottom inhibitor turret before retreating

29:30 - CST comes back after taking all the buffs on the map and absolutely rolls through the inhibitors and the nexus turrets taking a team fight 3 for 1, the first kill of hte game for TWZ, so at least it's not a shutout for them.

32:41 - CST takes a baron for free while twz is stuck in their base clearing out minions. CST up 18k gold and looking for blood.

33:45 - CST returns and tears through the respawned inhibitors like tissue paper, and it's the last sand for TWZ. They don't even stand a chance, not even taking a kill as CST picks up the last team fight of the series 5 for 0. And with that they secure their spot back into the LCS!

It took them 5 games, but Coast reaffirmed their spot in the LCS with some amazing play from all five members at varying points in the series, but the MVP of their team would have to be Daydreamin. His Death Sentences on Thresh throughout all 5 games were absolutely on point and made sure his team was set up to take kills whenever possible, catching out any member of The Walking Zed who happened to get out of position. Zed, for their own right, played very well and they should do extremely well in the Coke Zero Challenger League if they decide to stay together as a team!

Tomorrow, we'll have coverage of the conclusion of both the Battle of the Atlantic and the NA LCS Spring Promotion Series here on eSportsMax, so make sure you check back!
















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