North America takes the LoL Battle of the Atlantic as Cloud 9 Dominates Fnatic

This is it, the epic conclusion to the Battle of the Atlantic. Either region could still come out ahead as this match is worth 3 points. 

Much more than just the Battle of the Atlantic is on the line as this is a rematch of the World Championship quarterfinals. Fnatic's switched marksman players since then, promoting Rekkles to starting while puszu has left. It remains to be seen if they have gelled enough as a unit to come out on top this time around.

Meanwhile Cloud 9 is still looking strong with the same roster, though they were dealt a loss at IEM Cologne to Gambit Gaming. Hopefully that was the wakeup call they needed to get back in and get to work. Let's see what happens!

Game 1

Cloud 9 Fnatic
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
15 6 48.2k 5 1 33.9k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top Balls Shyvana Top Soaz Karma
Mid Hai Kassadin Mid xPeke Renekton
AD Carry Sneaky Draven AD Carry Rekkles Lucian
Support LemonNation Leona Support Yellowstar Thresh
Jungle Meteos Vi Jungle Cyanide Olaf
Orianna Sivir Ziggs Dr Mundo Riven Elise

Absolutely crazy composition from fnatic, sending Renekton midlane against Cloud 9's Kassadin pick, hoping his tankiness will be enough to deal with the burst damage. 

2-1-1 setup from both teams

5:00 - Meteos attempts a gank onto top lane, but Sneaky is a bit low meaning they're unable to convert anything off the play.

7:30 - Cloud 9 pulls off a very sneaky gank as Lemonnation gets jumped on as Meteos' Vi and Hai's Kassadin collapses, picking up 3 kills, with a double kill for Hai. 3 for 1 in the exchange in which Reckles picked up first blood. Gold just about even.

9:45 - Fnatic rotates down and picks up the first dragon, but Cloud 9 takes the top outer turret in response. 800 gold ahead now.

11:50 - Cloud 9 picks up a kill, but Fnatic counter ganks and picks up two for themselves as Cloud 9 seems to have forgotten to ward. Fnatic picks up the bottom outer turret and takes the gold lead up by 400 now.

13:19 - Meteos ganks mid allowling Hai to tower dive and pick up a kill, now 5-3 on kills.

15:20 - Hai roams down to bottom and allows Sneaky's Draven to pick up a kill, and the bottom outer turret, now 3k ahead.

16:11 - Cloud 9 rotates around and grabs dragon cleanly, keeping the lead to 3k.

18:41 - Cloud 9 chases Fnatic through their jungle, grabbing a kill, as they rotate around and take down the outer and inner turrets on the advantage, now 6k ahead.

20:25 - Fnatic grabs a kill on top lane onto Balls but Cloud 9 split pushes while they overcommit, doing decent damage to the middle inhibitor turret and the inner bottom turret.

22:30 - lemonation gets caught out as Fnatic gets a kill, but Cloud 9 takes advantage of a poor initiation and takes a team fight 3-1. Now ahead 11 -5, as they take Baron easily. Now ahead 9.5k gold and Fnatic looks to be in an insurmountable defecit here.

24:30 - Cloud 9 dives onto Fnatic behind their inner top turret and takes down 3 of Fnatic, meanwhile Sneaky and Lemonation take down one of their own on the opposite end of the map and Fnatic, knowing they were beaten, tap out.

Game 2

Cloud 9 Fnatic
Kills Turrets Gold Kills Turrets Gold
26 7 66.9k 11 3 52.2k
Position Player Champion Position Player Champion
Top Balls Rumble Top Soaz Renekton
Mid Hai Kha'Zix Mid xPeke Orianna
AD Carry Sneaky Draven AD Carry Rekkles Lucian
Support LemonNation Fiddlesticks Support Yellowstar Thresh
Jungle Meteos Fiddlesticks Jungle Cyanide Elise
Kassadin Ziggs Shyvana Dr Mundo Riven Vi

Standard set up from both teams.

5:45 - Close gank from Meteos as sOAZ nearly goes down

6:00 - Nice escape from Lemonnation getting away from an early gank without burning a flash.

8:10 - First blood for Cloud 9 on a gank from Meteos, Sneaky's Draven getting the last hit.

8:48 - 1 for 1 trade when Cynaide gets caught out in the jungle, Cloud 9 takes the dragon in the mean time now ahead 1k gold.

9:15 - Fnatic picks up a kill in bottom lane onto Lemonnation as Yellowstar lands a nice Death Sentence.

10:20 - 3 kills in quick succession for Cloud 9 on a rotation through Fnatic's jungle from Balls and Meteos.

11:10 - Fnatic takes the outer bottom turret, Cloud 9 still ahead 1.3k gold.

15:00 - Fnatic steals a Dragon out from under Cloud 9 evening up the gold.

15:39 - Two for one global exchange as Fnatic CC-chains Lemonnation's Leona, and Hai jumps onto Rekkles. Fnatic picks up one more kill onto Sneaky's Draven. C9 takes down the outer bottom turret. Kills 6-4 C9 lead, gold even. 

17:55 - Cloud 9 collapses on middle lane grabbing 2 kills and 2 turrets for their efforts, now ahead 3k gold and cleaning out Fnatic's jungle.

19:50 - Hai dives onto the top turret taking another kill. Fnatic rotates around and takes a team fight 2 for 2. 11 to 6 on kills, and Cloud 9 kills dragon, extending the lead to 3.5k for Cloud 9.

20:20 - C9 takes down the Top Outer Turret.

23:15 - Poor Initiation from Yellowstar leads to a triple kill for Sneaky's Draven and they take down the middle inhibitor.

25:40 - Hai completes an ace of Fnatic roaming around the map picking them off one at a time and does Baron easily, now ahead 10k gold

27:30 - Cloud 9 takes dragon uncontested, ahead 11k gold at this point, and Fnatic is on the back foot for sure.

28:20 - 3 for 2 team fight for Fnatic as Hai overextends in the bottom lane.  21 to 10 on kills and 9k gold up for Cloud 9.

30:33 - Meteos gets caught out by xPeke's Orianna. 21-11 on kills.

32:12 - Cloud 9 gets the middle inhibitor with neither team losing anything as they fall back and heal.

34:00 - Cloud 9 baits out Fnatic at Baron and absolutely destroys them (pictured) when they come to contest with a brilliant initiation by Lemonation, Solar Flare catching out 3 and they blaze down the middle lane taking out the Nexus Turrets and the Nexus just as the respawn timers from Fnatic start kicking in. Cloud 9 takes the Battle of the Atlantic for North America!

What an amazing display of skill from Cloud 9, Hai and Meteos definitey the star players of that matchup. Meteos was everywhere Fnatic wanted to be on the map exerting pressure and counterinitiates that ruined Fnatic's plans, while Hai's roaming style of play created plays in every lane picking himself and his allies kills up at every turn. There was very little Fnatic could do, as Cloud 9 looks to be even stronger than ever this season - they came, they took their revenge on Fnatic and took the win home for North America in the Battle of the Atlantic! Stay tuned to eSportsMax as we continue our coverage of the NA Promotion Series!


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